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This story about a lost letter to Santa comes with notecards, stickers and a snowman pen. Snappy Sounds gains Snappy Sounds Toys! New Ultimate Guides are Animals: What's Under the Bed? An imaginative child wonders what might be under his bed. Little Mouse is afraid of nearly everything, but someone is afraid of him. What if a kid ran for president and won? Payne, is a Thanksgiving tale featuring family, food and football. Hooray for Reading Day! Worried about reading aloud, Jessica practices with her family. A Is for Art: This alphabet and activity book introduces abstract art.

A rabbit averts disaster when his two best friends, a dragon and a dragon-slayer, prepare for battle. A boy sets out to help two friends gain their freedom. What will it take to get Kip away from his hometown and family's business? After library books fall on his head, Trip finds himself in a world where he lives out different book genres.

This guide to the hieroglyph alphabet is published with the Metropolitan Museum of Art. At the start of the Revolutionary War, Isabel is sold to a cruel loyalist family. Jon Scieszka's Trucktown continues with Melvin Might? The Naughty Nork by Bruce Coville, illus. And Private gains The Private Prequel: Middle school kids try to save their town from threatening creatures. Boy-crazy Scarlett is sent to an all-girls school, where her reputation is put on the line. Identical twins switch places at the start of middle school.

A girl who's a competitive boxer is impeached as class president. Ready-to-Read adds Ant Hill: A Winter Tale by Joan Holub, illus. Snow Trucking by Jon Scieszka, illus. Halloween Fun by Margaret McNamara, illus. Creepy-Crawly Birthday by James Howe, illus.

Four mysteries join Franklin W. Hot Air and Frostbites by Charles Ogden, illus. Before the War launches with The Travelers by D. Illustrations reimagine the lyrics to this song. Duck devises a plan of his own for the annual corn maze festival. A boy discovers that there is more to his pet goldfish than meets the eye. What do the bears think of Goldilocks? Estrella's furry friends are taken hostage by the ghosts of gold miners. After a chance meeting with Houdini, Victor is given a mysterious locked box.

In , three boys learn about prejudice and the way people relate to others. When twins start at a new school, they gain new perspective on friendship, learning and honesty. A Gift of Days: Hispanics share their experiences of growing up in America.

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In the s, a boy leaves Harlem in search of a better life in the West. This mystical thriller is told in the voices of two teens, one from Tokyo and one from L. A boy determined to make a difference in his new town discovers that his beautiful neighbor needs help. A teen discovers that her father has created a replica of her late mother's head. Where Is Baby's Birthday Cake? Children lift the flaps to find Baby's cake. Carter features three-dimensional bugs. Carter is a companion to Blue 2 and Black Spots. This book of bugs in the sand includes lights and sound.

I Can Save the Earth!: The Polar Bears' Home: Calico returns in Play Nice, Calico! A Foldout Book with 15 Stickers! Let's Have a Picnic! You Can Do It! A boy reaches out to his younger brother in this tale by the NFL coach.


This board book offers prayers for all seasons. Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs: In this rhymed tale, a monster cleans up a messy room. Where Is Home, Little Pip? What happens when a young penguin wanders far from home? A young artist discovers the phoenix's true powers. The Joy of Spooking: Bracegirdle begins a series about two kids who live in a run-down town but go to school in suburbia. After moving from the Northeast to the Midwest, a girl loses her bearings. A boy whose mother is an addict and father is off fighting in Iraq tries to find his own path.

Worried that she'll never fit in at her school, Sage decides to transform herself into pretty, popular Mona. Will Zac discover the truth about his past before it's too late? Twin sisters must come to terms with their abusive father. A teen has endured physical and mental abuse since being abducted at the age of Philippa takes a summer au pair job in a creepy mansion. Teen witches deal with cliques, crushes and the secrets of their coven. Similar losses bring a student and a teacher closer together.

First love is at the heart of this novel in verse. Performance artist Weber offers a glimpse into the life of a teen. After partying too hard, a teenage TV star ends up in rehab. Cutting-edge technology saves Lia after an accident, but makes her an outcast. Two girls will stop at nothing to win a teen beauty pageant.

Disgusted with boys, Jenny makes them pay with their lives. Two teens seem to be the only ones aware of a cult-like group's dark side.

Blues Clues offers It's Valentine's Day! Dora the Explorer is back in Hooray for School! Being Brave at Night by Cynthia Stierle, illus. In this board book, a rabbit tells his mother all the things he'll dream about. This board book recounts Puppy's search for a spot to hang a silver star. A girl's artistic dreams help bring her father safely home in a storm. While searching for a cupcake, Penguin encounters animal friends.

A Is for Abraham: A Is for Amazing Moments in Sports: This is a special film tie-in edition. Frank, powerful, warm and often heart-breaking, Wonder is a book you'll read in one sitting, pass on to others, and remember long after the final page. This is a wonderful debut from a storyteller with a great future if this book is anything to go by and her characters are intensely likeable. The Wizarding World journey continues. But, making good on his threat, Grindelwald escapes custody and sets about gathering followers, most of whom are unsuspecting of his true agenda: In an effort to thwart Grindelwald's plans, Albus Dumbledore enlists Newt, his former Hogwarts student, who agrees to help once again, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead.

Lines are drawn as love and loyalty are tested, even among the truest friends and family, in an increasingly divided wizarding world. The Crimes of Grindelwald is the second screenplay in a five-film series to be written by J. Rowling, author of the internationally bestselling Harry Potter books. Set in , a few months after the events of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and moving from New York to London, Paris and even back to Hogwarts, this story of mystery and magic reveals an extraordinary new chapter in the wizarding world. Illustrated with stunning line art from MinaLima with some surprising nods to the Harry Potter stories that will delight fans of both the books and films.

Funny, touching, true, the story will appeal to Tracy Beaker fans old and new. In a sleepy Old Vicarage in deepest Kent, Frank Hinks is preparing his three young sons, Julius, Alexander and Benjamin for bed, but as the sun goes down in Shoreham the adventures are just beginning in the riotous world called Ramion that Frank creates for the boys in his nail-biting bedtime stories In which the boys and their warrior Dream-Lord cat Snuggle have wild escapades and meet all sorts of strange creatures from Racing Racoons and the half demented rabbit Scrooey-Looey to Eric the Dragon and his son Drago.

A visit to her grandparents reveals a surprise: His experiences are recounted vividly in his diary, both his runs in his beloved Cumbria and his experiences as a soldier, recruited to run between positions on the front line, carrying crucial information to the allies. Their shared experiences form a powerful connection, and help Lily to understand herself better, and also to help her grandma when she needs it most. Today and yesterday are seamlessly woven together in a story that will move readers in lots of different ways.

Max uses her imagination and compassion together to dream up ways to improve the world. This fascinating book tells the true stories of more than inventive, positive young people who dreamed big and somehow changed the world for the better. STEM, film and music, the environment, sports, business, art and literature, and politics. Best of all it includes practical suggestions on how children can be heroes in their everyday lives. Full colour illustrations make it even more appealing and attractive.

Amy Wilson continues to make her mark as an author of sparklingly original fantasy adventures for the young, and Snowglobe makes magical reading. Wandering alone through the small town where she and her father live, she discovers a strange old house, and in it an even stranger woman. In rooms filled with enchanted snowglobes Clem makes a friend, and is offered the chance to bring back her mother too, if she is brave enough.

A story of spells and sibling rivalries, of embracing who you are no matter what others think, and as much about loyalty, steadfastness and love as The Snow Queen or Tam Lin, this story will envelop readers in its beautiful icy world.

Kiran Millwood Hargrave Format: Three sisters and their brother are parentless in a wintry wilderness when a mysterious man appears. A stranger who jokes that Oskar must be cursed to have three sisters. Elaborately embroidered with lyrical conjurations of landscape, and a sense of grief and sorrow, above all else this exudes sisterly strength and comes recommended for fans of traditional tales, and those who enjoyed The Wolf Wilder.

Divided into seasons, and woven through with Zoe's own stories and memories, this book reveals her favourite events - big or small - throughout the year and how to celebrate them in style. From practical ideas for how to feed your guests and hacks for unexpected get-togethers to simple but impressive DIYs and those personal touches people will remember, Cordially Invited is Zoe's blueprint for making an event and a memory out of each day. The history of rock is chronicled through forty world-famous artists and groups in this stylishly designed and illustrated book.

And where are the queens of soul and disco? Fun, stylish and informative. Economically told, this is a powerful story that raises issues of courage and responsibility. Packed with fabulous photos and page after page of facts, stories and behind-the-scenes information on the making of the films, this is a treat for any Harry Potter devotee. Life at Hogwarts is its theme and it gives us close ups of school life, from the sorting ceremony to the teachers and lessons, and the school ghosts.

Little extras including a page of stickers and packs of pull out postcards make it even more fun. November Book of the Month The weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit the Harry Potter universe are a huge part of its appeal, fascinating fans or sending shivers down their spines. This book features some of the most amazing, including those that live in the Forbidden Forest and the Dark Lake, the dark creatures, and — of course — the dragons. Interspersed between pages of illustration and photographs, alongside information on how the creatures were created for the films, are beautiful, three dimensional dioramas, delicate layered paper cut-outs creating scenes of excitement and adventure, that themselves feel genuinely magical.

A very handsome book. Best known for his action-packed Alex Rider series, Anthony Horowitz is also a master of the macabre, as evidenced by these ten terrifying tales. This is a tense, twisted, treat for fans of frightsome fiction, with the bite-sized narrative bursts making it ideal for reluctant readers.

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Louisiana has always believed that her parents were high wire stars, killed in an accident when she was very young, but driven by terrible toothache and an urge to come to terms with her own past, her granny suddenly reveals that everything Louisiana knows about her life is a lie. Abandoned in a motel miles from her old home in Florida, Louisiana is left to decide who she wants to be. She is befriended by a boy called Burke Allen and his family including his seventeen cake baking mother, and the kindness of strangers helps her to new happiness and security.

A story of grief and confusion becomes one of love, hope and resilience.

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Lively and cannily told, this rollicking adventure mixes sci-fi, fantasy and ancient mythology. Aidan and his mum have a secret, a very unusual one: With the help of his new friend Charlotte, Aidan sets out to rescue her. It turns out Mum is in real danger, along with some other unusual prisoners… The mix of ordinary life and fantasy is very well handled, and the narrative — mostly handled by Aidan but with interjections from Charlotte, and a mysterious third voice — will keep everyone on tenterhooks. The only way to find out is to read it… No-one knows more about the creation of unputdownable fiction than James Patterson, and this is another sure-fire hit combining sharply observed school life with computer game action and surprisingly touching family dynamics.

STEM skills science, technology, engineering and mathematics are important to all aspects of our lives, from construction to space exploration, from the digital world to caring for the natural one. Practical, fun and instructive. How can the girls help him?

Gym Class Werewolf

Going back in time to the s, Molly and Beth try to find out something from the past that can help them to cheer Dad up. Barbara Henderson takes readers to just such a remote island and stages a tense and exciting confrontation between humanity - represented by the narrator, Em, her family and others involved in the creation of a new luxury hotel - and nature, represented by the island's furred and feathered inhabitants.

There's a very good sense of the wild and scary power of the natural world, and it puts human behaviour in the spotlight too. Em is a strong central character, a good companion for readers throughout her intriguing, often scary adventure. What an interesting and original way to think about important people! Most get very specific awards just for them — Einstein for example gets the Curiosity Award — but there are categories too: Rowling and Ana Nzinga.

Most are represented with full page portraits opposite smaller pictures showing scenes from their lives. A useful timeline at the back puts everyone in their place chronologically. Here are stories to entertain as well as inform, and maybe to inspire too. Stylish and artfully designed, this book is jam-packed with enough information on the Greek gods and heroes to satisfy even the most inquisitive reader. Forty different characters, from Gaia, Cronus and Zeus to Electra, Achilles and Odysseus, are featured on double page spreads; boxes of text tell their stories with impressive brevity, while extra gobbets of information are conveyed via shorter text boxes or in captions that accompany the stylised, colour illustrations.

This is the latest in an eye-catching and effect series. Rachel Renee Russell Format: Nikki's birthday party is going to be beyond awesome! Organizing a big party for one hundred people is easy, right? When Mom says it's too expensive, soon it's looking like Nikki's dream party will be a total dorky disaster - cringe! Can Nikki and her BFFs come up with a plan to save the day, or will there be major birthday drama?!

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October Book of the Month This is a reinvention of the most radiant, vital kind; an inspirational re-working of The Twelve Dancing Princesses to devour over and over, and to share aloud. But brave, clever Frida stands up to her father. And then, with the grace and strength of a lioness and the potency of her imagination, Frida leads her sisters in a fight to re-find life. What a sumptuous, stirring celebration of sisterhood this is. Sam longs to go on the school trip to the Highlands but he is sure his parents will say no as he has a long term sickness - sickle cell disease — which means he needs to be looked after carefully.