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Apr 07, Matt rated it it was amazing. I highly recommend all the Great Brain books.

  1. The Great Brain Robbery: What Everyone Should Know About Teenagers and Drugs by Tom Scott?
  2. Nightmare Magazine, January 2013.
  3. Zweite Tetralogie (German Edition);
  4. Drinking Champagne.

Sep 17, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: Such a pity there are only two of these left for me to read. I love them the way I loved Encyclopedia Brown when I was little. This one has a bit more danger in it. Such a fun read! Jun 09, Jeff Mayo rated it it was amazing. He couldn't stay reformed forever. Even though his friends have threatened to ostracize him if he pulls even one more con, the Great Brain can't help himself.

In this book he has to be more subtle and sneakier than ever. Aug 03, Robb Christopherson rated it really liked it. This is a series that I read as a kid and loved them. I am reading them with my kids now. They are fun and based in a Mormon town. If you're looking for literary quality, you should check elsewhere; they are well-written, just not the highest of quality.

The stories, however, are very fun! Feb 04, Richard rated it it was amazing. It was The Great Brain books that taught me to never talk down to kids, but speak with them as if they were adults. Aug 24, Carrine rated it it was amazing. Another great book in the series. Oct 14, Tina Yates rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved this entire series and, now that I've remembered it, I'm going to get it for my son. I think he'll love them, too. Dec 27, Mattaca Warnick rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I recently rediscovered this series from when I was a kid. They still hold up 20 years later.

One of my favorite children's authors. Apr 29, Bryce rated it really liked it. All of the Great Brain books are charming, delightful stories to read to your kids. Very cleverly thought out and written. Mar 19, Jennifer Oldroyd rated it it was amazing Shelves: Delightful, like all the others. Much the same prose, but with new adventures. The kids and I are ready to be done with The Great Brain after reading 6 of them, but not before reading 7!

Feb 14, Clare rated it really liked it. Awesome is all i can say. Mar 20, Ebookwormy1 added it Shelves: A great book for boys! After being introduced to The Great Brain by a teacher reading it in class, I read this entire series a few times as a middle schooler. The stories are wonderfully funny. Jun 05, Kristen rated it liked it Shelves: I guess this author really did have a brother with a great brain. If these things really happened that boy was amazing. Mar 02, Andy rated it it was amazing Shelves: This may have been my favorite.

I think because the other kids finally have a little leverage after the trial from the last book. Apr 01, Anthony Ventrello rated it it was amazing.

Horror High 3: The Great Brain Robbery

The Great Brain is back and is up to no good, as usual. Aug 13, Adam rated it it was ok. A very fun -ny and quick read!

A Zombie Apocalypse…sort of.

Mar 01, Katie Kwon rated it really liked it. Alex continues to enjoy these, though they are getting a little formulaic. The Great Brain would have been a hedge fund guy in modern times, no doubt. Sep 06, The Badger rated it really liked it. These books were so fun to read! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. His father had a pharmacy degree but engaged in a number of business ventures and served on the Price Town Council for four years.

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John graduated from Carbon High School and at the age of eighteen and left Utah to pursue a career as a jazz drummer. He worked in a variety of occupations during his life, including newspaper reporter for the World-Tribune in New York City, foreign correspondent for United Press, advertising and purchasing agent, and bank auditor. Necronomicon EP by The Hangmen. Limited edition 10" vinyl release in shrinkwrapped full colour spined sleeve with inner protector. Recordings are exclusive to this release. Purchasable with gift card. Exclusive recordings of tracks from the forthcoming album 'Hells Vagina'.

Cowpen Bewley Sport and Leisure Club. If you like The Hangmen, you may also like: Although, we were lucky enough to go on holiday two weeks ago and I was conscious of it. We went to Santorini for a week and it was so beautiful. On the last day, I was sat on the sun bed in my itsy bitsy, teeny weeny not! Luckily being a teacher has prepared me for answering unexpected questions:. The kids at school have kept me alive as well. By not treating me any differently at all, even when I was as bald as an egg and keeping me on my toes.

It was definitely a turning point with regards to who had the most power, me or Tim the twat. And, if I miss the attention unlikely and questions I can always wear this:. And as always in my blogs, which if you follow the arrows below you can read all my previous posts- In memory of Leanne, donation page:. Finally, over the last year lots of people have given me advice but nothing rang as true and went straight to my heart as much as the words from this video by Alan Watts.

Advertisements April 8, Leave a comment the great brain robbery. However, one excellent piece of news was that my consultant said I was fit to fly. With the Easter Holidays coming up, I thought this would be the perfect chance for us to get away, relax and recover a little from the last 9 months of living in an ongoing train wreck. Nothing was going to stop my glee!

This post will summarise my findings and try to be helpful for anyone in a similar position. View original post 1, more words. So, online we went and spent hours browsing hundreds of holidays. I even had my sister looking for me as well! In the end, the general consensus was that we had to stick to the EU for insurance purposes, I had been told that this would be easier to get. It had to be the Canary Islands; the most southern spot still classed as within the EU.

Insurance I left the hospital with lots of reading and skim read them on the way back to work. They were useful but quite basic and not specific enough in directing us to the most suitable insurance companies. I turned to the nations favourite money based website and found a forum on there discussing the best insurance companies for people with Cancer.

It is free, you can apply online and mine came within 4 days. You also need a letter from your consultant stating you are fit to fly. Below is a list of the companies which were recommended as specialist UK based insurers dealing with Cancer patients. I found it better to speak to a human on the phone instead of trying to do it online as I could double check anything and ask whatever came into my mind.

  1. The Ermine Agenda (The Teague Internation Anthology Book 1).
  2. Get A Copy.
  3. The Story of Spurs:The Heroes of Tottenham Hotspur (Soccer Clubs Book 2)!
  4. The Return of the Great Brain.
  5. Crate part;
  6. The Liquidity Theory of Asset Prices (The Wiley Finance Series).

It is also highly frustrating as where you go within the EU affects the premium price. They all seem to follow the same set of questions which takes about minutes. This happened to me about 5 or 6 times from some of the companies above. By the 6th one, I was getting a bit teary and to be honest close to having a meltdown at my desk. When I found one who would insure me even with a terminal prognosis I agreed straight away after having another mini meltdown!

I knew it was going to be expensive but still, the premium was insane. It was more than the holiday and flights for both of us! I had a better idea but one which was and still is tinged with sadness. My wonderful late grandfather passed away last winter just after I had come out of hospital for the second time. He was the ultimate patriarchal leader of the family and whilst we knew it was coming, it was obviously gut wrenching for everyone. He was an intelligent and shrewd man who was able to leave all his grandchildren something in his will.

Without going into too much personal detail about them, both my grandparents loved travelling and spent a lot of their lives seeing and exploring the world. If ever there was going to be a perfect opportunity to use what my Grandad had left me, I knew he would approve. Whilst not as adventurous as they were in destinations, the Canary Islands were at least a start for me.

Have you ever smuggled a packet of crisps on board a flight? As the plane soars, the packet expands as the air tries to escape. This was what I was worried would happen to my head. With the awful news about the Alps plane crash still fresh in my mind, it is safe to say I was bricking it. The flight was obviously fine and as I tried to think logically about it all, I knew it would be. No problems at all. Highlight of airport was testing my titanium skull screws in the airport security.

Made it, chill time and reading time. I am an avid reader. To me, reading is like breathing and over the last year I have got back into the habit of always having something to read on my Kindle. I had bought all 3 books in the trilogy. All by Tom Rob Smith.

Whilst I had to buy a new bikini as my old ones were 3 sizes too small and I did feel like this whilst sunbathing. I had to wear a hat at all times or something to cover my bald parts from the radiation. I felt like a cross between Bruno Mars and a Saudi Prince!

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It was completely worth it The holiday was incredible, we completely relaxed, rested and it felt so good to feel the sun on my jaded bones again. I was having a spray tan and had several awkward moments. The aforementioned being one. Awkward moment number 2: Pop this towel around your head and it will be fine.

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I am not a fake person. In fact, my friends and colleagues often tease me about how blunt I can be, as I seem to be able to say it how I see it too easily! However, if you are reading this and you yourself have cancer or had it, you will know that most of the time it is easier to fake a smile when people are genuinely being kind.

I am naturally a smiler and have always been so. Awkward moment number 3: Lady in the salon chatting away to me whilst we were both waiting to pay. Stereotypical beauty salon customer, looked like she had fallen out of Hollyoaks or Heat magazine. Really nice girl and was very kind.

I swiftly paid and ran out of there. My fake tan had led to all sorts of faked behaviours. Like my life at the moment really. The previous week was certainly a roller-coaster. We had hot footed it out of work Friday afternoon and headed south to Cornwall to spend 2 wonderful days with our Aunty and Uncle. Whilst there was nothing fake about how much we enjoyed ourselves, it did feel like a little glorious holiday. On the beach, it was beautiful and we snuck in a trip to the Eden Project too.