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There will always be good reasons to doubt what comes into our minds as we pray to hear from the Holy Spirit. Only in the after-life will we become that pure and that fully united to God. Life on earth is a daily journey of growing in holiness, which improves our ability to hear the Holy Spirit clearly. But always we should put to the test what we think the Holy Spirit is telling us. This course will include ideas on how to test it and how to become more tuned into the Spirit. It was an amazing and physical experience.

I was drenched in sweat and started speaking in tongues.

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My relationship with the Lord changed as I hungered to read his Word. Later on in life, as I experienced difficulties at different points in my life, I knew that this deeper relationship sustained me. So much — an abundance of joy and happiness, and I wanted to read the Bible, go to Mass, and do all this holy stuff. But not for long, and life was back to square one! I felt more peace, patience and love, although with occasional bouts of anger. I have a problem with anger. It comes down as fast as it goes up!

I would like to add one more thing. When I was a kid yes, but after starting work, that practice just faded. But there were many days when I would arrive early at work in the mornings, and before I started work I would offer up everything to the Lord. I used to work in a hospital. On the days that I plunge right in, they become normal days, manageable.

And I always asked God, why Lord?? Of course I never bothered to wait or listen for an answer. Very recently I started again this habit Morning Offering and found that this same pattern exists. When we begin to pray more, like when you recited the Morning Offering, if things get worse there are two causes: Although this is not the course to discuss spiritual warfare, I will say this now: We must not fear the Enemy nor let it have its victory by letting it stop us.

Realize that the Enemy is afraid of YOU and what your increased prayer life is going to lead to. Hide me in the shadow of the Holy Spirit.

And get yourself to a prayer group or spiritual director who understands spiritual warfare. When I watched the video, it was like a little flame had been fanned within me. Many times I have begged Jesus or his mother for the help I need.

Mainly I use it after Easter Sunday till Pentecost. About ten years ago, I attended a Dove Camp [a ministry for women in New Zealand that was born out of the Charismatic Renewal] where I was prayed over and ended up on the floor. My whole body was shaking and my false teeth chattering. I was conscious of this happening to me, but I also felt at peace.

Glorious Gifts of the Spirit Seminar! You Already Have Them. Release Them Today!

I like that idea of asking the Holy Spirit to fill me and activate me. This I had never thought of asking but will certainly be doing each morning at my prayer time. I have consciously sought and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at least 10 times in my life, the first being a Life in the Spirit seminar in , where my primary experience was one of peace but no outward signs.

My 2nd Life in the Spirit seminar yielded my first few words of tongues — only 3, but I knew they were from God! There followed Dove Fellowship NZ weekend seminars for 15 years, with baptism of the Holy Spirit offered generously, and a 3rd Life in the Spirit seminar and an Alpha weekend. All yielded more fruit of the Spirit and gifts. Always I have been hungry to receive more of the Holy Spirit and will never turn down an invitation, because I have so much more to learn about serving God. I want wisdom, discernment, healing, teaching, prophecy, words of knowledge, to be able to help the hurting.

I was born and raised in a very devoutly Catholic family, but for over thirty years, I never experienced the presence of God in my life. Like most Catholics, I just kept Sunday, a holy day of obligation, and I went to the Sacrament of Reconciliation once a year to fulfill my Catholic obligation.

Until my mom nagged and persuaded me to attend a Charismatic Renewal retreat. I started to love and attended daily Mass and Adoration. Most of all, I started going to Confession more frequently and appreciate the Sacrament much more. After spending a lot of time in prayers, devotions and bible reading, I sensed more of the Holy Spirit working in my life by the growing changes and progress in the circumstances surrounding our family. The words which I read in the bible, devotions and Christian books tug at my heart and awaken my desire to know the Holy Spirit more.

I was initially very excited and happy to have this but have somehow let it lay dormant without actively practicing it.

Life in the Spirit Seminars from Living Water (8 week course for Young Adults)

This is also due to my own doubt about the gift of tongues and whether I have really received it or otherwise. This serves to lift me up and encourages me, especially during those times of despair and trials. Now that things are progressing steadily, I feel less of the Holy Spirit touching me during my morning prayers. I know God is there for me, but I do desire learning, hearing and knowing the Holy Spirit more intimately.

We get distracted by other activities. We reach plateaus in our prayer life, and God lets us even feel spiritually dry if we let ourselves get too distracted for too long. These seasons are meant to motivate us to increase our prayer lives and ask the Holy Spirit to take us to the next level of spiritual growth. The gift of tongues never goes dormant.

Life in the Spirit Seminars

I myself go for long periods of times months before praying in that method again. It rarely feels like the Holy Spirit has taken over my language. What it sounds like is influenced by me, at least in part. Keep going while thinking only of Jesus. I was reading the comments about Tongues. God gave me the Gift of Tongues sometime last summer.

I had heard Tongues at my prayer group but mine was so different. It was just one syllable over and over. I have been praying it ever since. Another way to start is to repeat Abba over and over, that will start Tongues for me. Most of our content is available or can be made available for distribution at Catholic Digital Resources. This is a duplication of the booklet used in the Life in the Spirit Seminars that have been conducted by Presentation Ministries.

It is provided for those that could not attend the actual seminar and it only represents a small part of the moving experience provided by attending the seminar. The speakers, discussions, praise and worship with like minded Christians and most of all the presence of the Holy Spirit make the seminar a life changing experience. We encourage you to attend the next one.

This booklet is a guideline, a companion. This book will help you to find a deeper life in God.

Spiritual Growth Seminar

God speaks to us and helps us through others. If you want new life in the Spirit, you should be faithful in attending the seminars, so that brothers and sisters can help you during them. God also speaks to us when we are alone, and He will do much for us when we are alone that cannot happen if we do not spend time with Him. Spend time with God during these next seven weeks, and you will see Him give you a new life through that time.

Prayer is simply being present with God. Our prayer can take a variety of forms: Sometimes it is simply being quite before Him, silent in His presence. Prayer will grow in you. At first, if it is new to you, it may go slowly. But as you come to know God more fully and experience His love, your desire to pray will increase. After you have been baptized in the Spirit, you will be able to pray still more freely. God wants you to be with Him. He wants to give you the gift of prayer. The words of life in this book will help you to pray. They are words that God has spoken in Scriptures.