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And there were a lot of miracles other than that kind of a miracle. Well, one of the guys working on the film was a Muslim. He was one of the guards who beat me, and he converted. He had a real big experience there, you know. But what was going on is that we had so many prayers worldwide while we were going through it, I really believe this is important because when things started happening they were praying for us.

All the actors that worked on this film, some aren't going to accept it, but the opportunity will always be there for them. Here's the other thing, it will stay with them the rest of their lives. People will always come up to them, people will always ask them about the movie they were in, it will always be with them. What do you think it's going to do to your career? And if it did blow it out of the water?

This is what I feel. I believe I was called to play this role.

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When I look out to all my fellow Americans and people in the world, I say to them I want you to do this in the public and shamelessly express your faith in public. That's what I've done here, and I can rest as it is. I don't know where it's going, but if it doesn't turn out where I'm continually working, I'm still an actor.


I'll always be one, whether I get another job or not. I fulfilled my mission right now. I felt what I was right now. That was my opportunity, and I would have done it again. Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her Skip to main content. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN is a global ministry committed to preparing the nations of the world for the coming of Jesus Christ through mass media. Miracles on the Set: What was the movie?

Just for the crucifixion scenes. Read Part I of this interview. The Christian Broadcasting Network. The twelfth station found them at the entrance to the beautiful parish cemetery on a bluff with a life-size crucifix of our Lord and a one-hundred-year-old stone kneeler in front pictured here. The participants tied their white ribbons to this kneeler as a prayer form, much like lighting a vigil candle in church. After that first prayer walk, a container holding prayer sheets and ribbons was placed at the first station on the walk.

All were invited to come, pick up a prayer sheet and white ribbon, and pray at anytime of the day or night, as they wished.

Miracles on the Set: Behind the Scenes of 'The Passion' with Jim Caviezel

Over the next seven months, prayer warriors walked the path and prayed the Stations. It was 64 steps to rise to the top. I brought my Bernese Mountain dog, Angel, and I would leash her to the bottom of the tower while I ascended to the top. On top, I would look east and see much of Madison from the high point. And, of course, I was looking out over my entire two parishes.

I made sure I was there before the sun would rise, so I was praying as the sun rose.

Faith and Reason

After I had prayed on the tower, Angel and I would walk the paths on Blue Mounds as I prayed various prayers, such as the rosary. The miracle mile was, indeed, miraculous. Little Pine Bluff was overjoyed, and a victory was won for Our Lord. We estimated that over ribbons were tied to that year old kneeler, represented miles walked in prayer.

Pray Like You Mean It! Watch the Miracles!

Pray Like You Mean It! Category Heart , Latest Posts. Related Articles Read more from Heart. Not the friends, the bugs:. I say unto you, O bugs, behave yourselves, one and all, and leave your abode for this night and remain quiet in one place, and keep your distance from the servants of God. The next morning, when the group wakes up, they see a brigade of bed bugs standing patiently outside the door of the inn, waiting:. John invites the bed bugs back into the house, and they immediately crawl back into the bed and disappear into the crevices.

If The Acts of Peter are to be believed, Peter was like that kid who would eat hot sauce laced with dirt if you just dared him hard enough. He'd do anything to convince unbelievers he was a true representative of God, which kind of makes sense if you remember that Peter was the guy who denied even knowing Jesus three times the night before the Crucifixion. He had a lot of making up to do. Just keep praying till I tell you to stop. Now, we're going to go more into this in a minute, but Peter had a bizarre grudge against a Jewish magician named Simon.

Simon, according to Peter, was leading people astray and sullying God's name. In Peter's head, the whole Simon thing could be solved with a few miracles. Give a dog the voice of a man to send a warning. And Peter, seeing a great dog bound with a strong chain, went to him and loosed him, and when he was loosed the dog received a man's voice and said unto Peter: What dost thou bid me to do, thou servant of the unspeakable and living God?

Peter said unto him: Go in and say unto Simon in the midst of his company: Peter saith unto thee, Come forth abroad, for thy sake am I come to Rome, thou wicked one and deceiver of simple souls. And immediately the dog ran and entered in, and rushed into the midst of them that were with Simon, and lifted up his forefeet and in a loud voice said What he said was not important.

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He said what Peter told him to say, which, P. What's crazy is that this dog stands up to deliver the message. He stood up like people. This dog becomes the star of the show, which kind of plays out like a low-rent soap opera. Hast thou taken thought so long, to say at last: And when the dog had said this he fell down at the apostle Peter's feet and gave up the ghost. And still the people weren't totally convinced Peter was the real deal. So Peter, Jesus' favorite fuckup, makes things right with another miracle.

He looks around the room and, completely overlooking the fact that the greatest dog that has ever lived is lying dead right in front of him, notices a smoked herring or sardine, depending on the translation in the window and asks the crowd if he should resurrect it:.

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If ye now see this swimming in the water like a fish, will ye be able to believe in him whom I preach? The crowd agrees that seeing a dead fish swim would be enough of a sign for them to believe Peter. So Peter steps over the dead dog, grabs the fish, and throws what is undoubtedly someone's supper into a bath.

3 Miracles Jesus Didn’t Do | Faithlife Blog

It immediately starts swimming. The next thing you know Talking, walking dog, not so much. Truly your God is the one and only true God.

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Most of us have seen enough church to know the story of Jesus' resurrection from the dead. He's buried in a tomb, which is kind of like a cave with a big rock in front of it. Three days after his death, there's a great commotion, and one or two angels come down from heaven to roll away the stone blocking the tomb. Jesus emerges and proceeds to rock history with his message. But when fragments of The Gospel of Peter were found buried in Egypt in , the details of the resurrection story were a little different.

The first to get on the scene on Easter Sunday see this:.