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She was traumatized by the death of her mother, who really wasn't much of one; and equally devastated by her father, on many levels. Her past has made her reinvent herself. She lives now with a new name, a new life and a new career. The one constant in her life has been her friend Elias. He cares deeply for her and has always been there for her; before and after her life-changing trauma.

Due to the circumstances of her mother's death, Liza has also given up on love. Her heart was shattered by her former fiancee, Jacob. Liza has been hiding in plain sight since her mother's death, altering her appearance and leaving the trust fund lifestyle behind. After completing college, she is hired on as a literary agent for a large publishing house. Her internship had been in the horror department but her job is now in the romance area; a poor fit at best for Liza.

She tries desperately to change departments, but her new boss seems intent on keeping his eyes, and whatever else he can get, on her. Her life is complicated by her new boss, Reid, the nephew of the owner of the company. He is everything Liza has tried to avoid since she reinvented herself.

He is devastatingly handsome, very persuasive and in hot pursuit of the newest romance agent. He is all alpha, very stubborn but very goal oriented. Liza tries to ignore the passion he ignites, and true to form she cannot. While Reid has a playboy image, he is far different with Liza.

She is surprised often by his actions and his word. The banter back and forth between Reid and Liza is realistic, and true to life, signals are often misread causing angst. Both Reid and Liza keep secrets from each other, further complicating the situation. Her life is further complicated by a mysterious person, threatening her and those she cares for at every turn.

Jellum does an excellent job misdirecting the reader, when trying to solve the mystery. Things are tied up well and there are several surprises in the resolution of the story. The plot twists and turns on the way to HEA are often sharp and very near the edge. While the ending may not be a true cliff hanger, it is just a tiny step away from the edge of the precipice.

I will definitely be waiting for the next book in the series, the ending leaves the reader wondering. One person found this helpful. Liza hates secrets but has a lot of them herself.

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When they finally catch up with her, Reid stands by her instead of running as she feared. Turns out Reid has secrets of his own. They begin to unravel in the last chapter, making me want to read the next book in the series. A wise choice by the author. If everything was wrapped up in a perfect bow, I might have skipped book 2. Tense moments as family secrets come to life. Everything is going to be ok if we just hide Skip the love scenes. What a great book! I was grabbed by this story right from the beginning.

You would never know this was the authors debut book. I can't wait to dive into the next book in the series. This is a fantastic debut that is well-written and flowed smoothly! It was so easy to get swept up as the story unfolded and secrets were revealed. This book is full of many twists and turns, and the ending was one that I never saw coming. I was fortunate enough to beta read for this book. I was excited to get a sneak peak, but it was complete torture waiting for the next chapters!

This is one of those books that keeps you on the edge of your seat and you can't put down! I fell in love with the characters, both primary and secondary.

Paper Girls: Book One by Brian K. Vaughan

Liza and Reid's chemistry was undeniable. Reid Harder is charmingly, arrogant, and Liza is a little broken and closed off. Her humorous inner monologue balanced well with her depressing past to keep the story from being too dark. This is definitely a debut author to watch and I can't wait to read more of her upcoming releases! This book had you going from the start, it was the first suspense in a long time that I wasn't able to predict what would happen next.

From mysterious threatening messages to break ins to hidden secrets from the past, it keeps you going from start to finish I love a good suspense, and I have found one here. The writer gets you to know who the characters are and what they are feeling. I laughed, cried, and was sitting on the edge of my seat.

Thank you Brandy Jellums, I cannot wait for the next installment! See all 65 reviews. Most recent customer reviews.

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Published on August 19, Published on May 25, Published on February 11, It was discovered that after having been stored in wooden casks , the resulting product had improved over the original distilled spirit. Non-volatile substances such as pigments, sugars, and salts remained behind in the still. As a result, the taste of the distillate was often quite unlike that of the original source.

As described in the edition of Cyclopaedia , the following method was used to distill brandy: A cucurbit was filled half full of the liquor from which brandy was to be drawn and then raised with a little fire until about one sixth part was distilled, or until that which falls into the receiver was entirely flammable.

This liquor, distilled only once, was called spirit of wine or brandy. Purified by another distillation or several more , this was then called spirit of wine rectified. The second distillation was made in balneo mariae and in a glass cucurbit, and the liquor was distilled to about one half the quantity.

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This was further rectified—as long as the operator thought necessary—to produce brandy. To shorten these several distillations, which were long and troublesome, a chemical instrument was invented that reduced them to a single distillation. To test the purity of the rectified spirit of wine, a portion was ignited.

If the entire contents were consumed by a fire without leaving any impurities behind, then the liquor was good. Another, better test involved putting a little gunpowder in the bottom of the spirit. If the gunpowder could ignite after the spirit was consumed by fire, then the liquor was good. As most brandies have been distilled from grapes, the regions of the world producing excellent brandies have roughly paralleled those areas producing grapes for viniculture.

At the end of the 19th century, the western European markets, including by extension their overseas empires, were dominated by French and Spanish brandies and eastern Europe was dominated by brandies from the Black Sea region , including Bulgaria , the Crimea , and Georgia. In , David Sarajishvili founded his brandy factory in Tbilisi, Georgia, a crossroads for Turkish, Central Asian, and Persian trade routes and a part of the Russian Empire at the time. Except for few major producers, brandy production and consumption tend to have a regional character and thus production methods significantly vary.

Wine brandy is produced from a variety of grape cultivars. A special selection of cultivars, providing distinct aroma and character, is used for high-quality brandies, while cheaper ones are made from whichever wine is available. Brandy is made from so-called base wine , which significantly differs from regular table wines.

Paper Girls: Book One

It is made from early grapes in order to achieve higher acid concentration and lower sugar levels. The yeast sediment produced during the fermentation may or may not be kept in the wine, depending on the brandy style. Brandy is distilled from the base wine in two phases. In the second stage, low wine is distilled into brandy. The liquid exits the pot still in three phases, referred to as the "heads", "heart" and "tails" respectively.

The weak portion on the end, "tail", is discarded along with the head, and they are generally mixed with another batch of low wine, thereby entering the distillation cycle again. The middle heart fraction, richest in aromas and flavours, is preserved for later maturation. Distillation does not simply enhance the alcohol content of wine. The heat under which the product is distilled and the material of the still usually copper cause chemical reactions to take place during distillation. This leads to the formation of numerous new volatile aroma components, changes in relative amounts of aroma components in the wine, and the hydrolysis of components such as esters.

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Brandy is usually produced in pot stills batch distillation , but the column still can also be used for continuous distillation. Choice of the apparatus depends on the style of brandy produced. After distillation, the unaged brandy is placed into oak barrels to mature. Usually, brandies with a natural golden or brown colour are aged in oak casks single-barrel aging. Some brandies, particularly those from Spain, are aged using the solera system, where the producer changes the barrel each year.

After a period of aging, which depends on the style, class and legal requirements, the mature brandy is mixed with distilled water to reduce alcohol concentration and bottled. Some brandies have caramel colour and sugar added to simulate the appearance of barrel aging. Brandy is traditionally served at room temperature neat from a snifter , a wine glass or a tulip glass. When drunk at room temperature, it is often slightly warmed by holding the glass cupped in the palm or by gentle heating.

Excessive heating of brandy may cause the alcohol vapour to become too strong, causing its aroma to become overpowering. Brandy drinkers who like their brandy warmed may ask for the glass to be heated before the brandy is poured. Brandy may be added to other beverages to make several popular cocktails ; these include the Brandy Sour , the Brandy Alexander , the Sidecar , the Brandy Daisy , and the Brandy Old Fashioned.

Brandy is a common deglazing liquid used in making pan sauces for steak and other meat. It is used to create a more intense flavour in some soups, notably onion soup. In English Christmas cooking, brandy is a common flavouring in traditional foods such as Christmas cake, brandy butter, and Christmas pudding. It is also commonly used in drinks such as mulled wine, drunk during the festive season. The flames consume most of the alcohol but the pudding is left with a distinctive flavour.