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Quarrie and company, Chicago. The series was taken over by Field Enterprises, Inc. The best remembered volume, as least judging by our customer requests, is volume one, which is titled "Book of Verse" in the Quarrie edition and "Poems of Early Chilldhood" in the Field edition. The earlier edition is illustrated mainly in black and white, with some two- and three-tone. The selection of poems is substantially the same, but not entirely, and the poems are ordered differently.

Whitman Publishing Company, , pages, 43 stories and poems, 1-color illustrations. Dean and Son Ltd. The little mermaid, the six sillies, the princess on the glass hill, Felicia and the pot of pinks, the frog prince, the three dwarfs, the nightingale, old mother frost, the white cat, Snow-white and Rose-red, Thumbelina, the princess and the swineherd.

East of the sun and west of the moon; Blue belt; Prince Lindworm; Lassie and her grandmother; Husband who was to mind the house; Lad who went to the North Wind; Three princesses of Whiteland; Soria Moria Castle; Giant who had no heart in his body; Princess on the glass hill; Widow's son; Three billy goats Gruff; Three princesses in the blue mountain; Cat on the Dovrefell; One's own children are always prettiest.

East of the sun and west of the moon; Three billy-goats Gruff; Husband who was to mind the house; Lad who went to the North Wind; Princess on the glass hill; Giant who had no heart in his body; Blue belt; Three princesses in the blue mountain; Three princesses of Whiteland; Soria Moria Castle; Cat on the Dovrefell; Widow's son.

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East o' the sun and west o' the moon; Three billy-goats Gruff; Three princesses of Whiteland; Doll in the grass; Bruin and Reynard partners; Reynard and the cock; Why the bear is stumpy-tailed; Gudbrand-on-the-hillside; The pancake; Twelve wild ducks; Father Bruin; Lord Peter; Giant who had no heart in his body; Husband who was to mind the house; Taper Tom; Little Freddy and his fiddle; True and untrue; Princess on the glass hill; Peter, Paul and Espen Cinderlad; Princess who could not be silenced; Squire's bride; Sheep and the pig who set up housekeeping; Parson and the sexton; Lad who went to the North Wind; Why the sea is salt.

Some of the Poets included: Compiled by Carol M. Garden City Books, medium green cloth with monkey design and silver lettering, DJ features man with ballon, boy with donkey, money, lion, and spaceship on front panel, boy and girl playing with animals, girl with mop, and grandma sliding down stairs on a rug on back panel.

Scrunch; Nino and his fish; pick me up; my mother is the most beautiful woman in the world; A B C of wheels; the magic whistle; trees; Eddie goes to dancing school; why cowboys sing in Texas; the lucky number; lights; the white horse; Mrs. Moodle and the tea-tray; the bottle that went to sea; Bertram's trip to the moon. My Bookhouse was originally published in 6 thick volumes bound in black cloth with pictorial paste-ons and gilt lettering. My Bookhouse was later reprinted in 12 volumes in various colors, the most famous being the "rainbow edition" which begins in a pale green, transitions to dark green, dark blue, and ends in light blue.

There were many printings; here are some of the publication years and binding notes, although there may well be others. The titles of the 12 volumes are for the 6 volume set, titles are just the odd numbered ones: It is very common that volume one is either missing or in tatters. This is because the set is sequential by age, and the babies who drool over the nursery rhymes often destroy the book, while the 10 and 12 year olds who read volume 12 keep the books in much better shape.

There is also a Watty Piper anthology with a similar title, but this book is basically an anthology of three other books: Favorite Poems of Childhood. Illustrated by Tasha Tudor. Set of 5 pocket sized cute little hedgehog, rabbit, otter, grey squirrel and mouse. Original Edition 'Little Folks'. Vintage rose rug folk rug vintage little rug rustic style rug country home decor rustic small rug colourful flower decor roses home decor.

For the Little Folks 5th Edition Booklet. Little Folks Library, 3 Titles, c The Little Hamptons Ebony, 26 inch art doll, inspired by antique Beecher type cloth dolls. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about little folks? Well you're in luck, because here they come. Off to the Fair Crash! Off to the Little Hut. In the Middle of the Night Noddy and the Bonfire.

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The "Big, Big Hole" Mr. Pink-Whistle Knows How to Bark! In My Garden - March 1st - 14th. Three Cheers for Old Tinker! Up to Brinkin Towers Animal Hints. Meeting of the Secret Nine! Just Because of a Banana Skin! Escape to the Island A Friend for John. Where is the Code-Letter? Jack Can Be Tiresome, Too! Keep Guard on the Bonfire! Amelia Jane in Trouble Again! The Chair Runs Away Again!

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Tim Likes the Pictures! Brer Bear's Tail Mr. Hurrah For the Circus! Galliano Again Oh, Mister Crosspatch! Christopher Tries Tight-Rope Walking! Oh, Poor Little Jemima! She Was Always at the Bottom! Good-Bye - and Good Luck! She Couldn't Tell the Time! Can They Be Smugglers? Beetle Go Hiking []. Where is the Secret Door? Mister Meddle Does a Bit of Good!

Geraldine Grasshopper is Too Smart! A Surprise for the School! Beetle and Bertie Keep Dry!

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    Percy is Too Clever! Zebras - a Seal - and Two Little Girls! What Will Happen to the Circus? She Didn't Want to Go!

    The Birthday Party: A Story for Little Folks

    A Fine Old Muddle! He Would Slam the Door! Millikin Bimbo's Weekly Letter. Shadow Where Are You? Brer Fox is a Snowman! Who is Dumb Sammy? Don't Be Silly Mr. Robin Makes a Discovery Oh, Sammy! Do Hurry Up, Dinah! Good News for Kit Mrs. Martin Really is a Puzzle! Curious Connie Comes to Stay Mr. Twiddle and the Snow Topsy's Letter.

    The Adventurous Four Again! Bottom of the Class! Was it a Wishing-bean? Plenty of Things Happen! He Wanted To Be King! Down Goes the Ship! A Letter from Goldie [pet goldfish]. Andy Has a Fine Idea! Come to the Circus! Bumpy and His Bus [] Come to the Circus!