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In addition to having been the first Italian colour cartoon feature film, it predated the first live-action colour film by three years, and suffered a chequered history before finally reaching the screen. Giannalberto has great affection and respect for the producer entrepreneur Anton Gino Domeneghini responsible for the production. Former journalist, writer, and advertising agent when the Second World War began, this type of work waned and in a desperate effort to keep his artists and collaborators together he embarked on the production of La Rosa Di Bagdad based on his own original concept.

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La Rosa Di Bagdad. Gustavo was reputed to have been born in making him 53 years old while preparing the movie.

He was heart diseased and later retired due to ill-health ; the executive producer Federico Pedrocchi, script-writer and artist was one of the founders of the Italian comic strip industry, he fought for his country ; and we should not overlook the humorous designer Angelo Bioletti who was to leave the clearest and most distinctive mark on the film. He created almost all of the characters, taught his colleagues the art of animation and was responsible for a number of them achieving true professional status.

Prior to joining the unit he had been an accomplished cartoon and caricaturist. For more than seven years he drew humorous cartoons for the daily newspaper La Stampa. His cards were part of a competition run by the sponsors Perugina-Buitoni and were enclosed in chocolate and pasta packages.

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Collecting the cards reached fever-pitch by deliberately withholding card No. This exercise alone ensured Bioleui great fame and his skill soon attracted Domeneghini who engaged him without hesitation. There was also the painter, artist, illustrator Libico Maraja whose only film experience was to be La Rosa Di Bagdad but whose work for publishers, illustrating top authors such as Shakespeare, Swift, Dumas, Wilde, Dickens, Carroll, Anderson, etc.

In the fight the minion gets the evil love ring back. The ministers hear that Amin is missing and they go to find him but they get turned into babies by a fountain of youth. Amin then escapes and sees Zeila wearing the ring and is in love with Jafar and is pretty bummed.

Amin is then given a lamp with Genie in it and he defeats the minion, undoes his evil magic, kills Jafar, gets engaged to Zeila and his bird comes back to life. Let me just start with two positives.

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The animation is terrible. Is it fair to call it bad because it old? They reverse Amin landing in the river to show him getting out. The colors are all flat and dull and the characters have soul-less dead eyes.

The Rose of Baghdad

The lip sync is awful too and the song are utterly forgettable. The characters all suck too in both design and personality.

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Amin is nice but annoying because he is vapidly nice. The Ministers are useless twits. Zeila just sings, she is does nothing else except look pretty. Calina the magpie is fine but she does little really and her song is stupid. Does Jafar mean creepy old guy who wants to marry young pretty girl for power in Arabic?

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Actually, according to Behind the Name it means stream. So no character is compelling. And the minion named Vork according to the subtitles is just unabashed evil, he says satan 4 times.