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Carriers present are clockwise from bottom: The guided missile cruiser Canberra CAG-2 is in the center of the formation. The destroyer screen includes: This photograph was specially posed, and does not represent a normal operating formation.

What Happens if a Navy Aircraft Carrier Is Sunk?

So the next day it was tried again and the photos were taken with a hand held camera from a HS-8 helicopter. The photographer was PH1 Elvin C. I processed the film and printed the photos. Parked aft on the flight deck NSaj , left to right, are: Coral Sea had returned from her second Vietnam deployment on 23 February. Other ships present include: Air Wing was CVW Note the destroyer on plane-guard duty astern of the carrier. There were no personnel casualties or injuries reported.

They would fire a missile with what I assume was compressed air, and they were a part of the catching apparatus. It made 9 arrested landings and 10 catapult launches on June 23rd. However, the FB could never be developed into a useful carrier aircraft and on 19 July a stop-work order was issued. David Guerra NS 77k Circa This series of photos was taken during an open house event while in port.

The original NL, BuNo , had been lost in an operational accident on 25 February, as it ran out of fuel and the crew had to eject—both pilot and RIO were rescued. Coral Sea was returning from her fifth combat tour off Vietnam. Aerial view of Naval Air Station Alameda, summer of Photo courtesy of Ling Temco Vought.

Aircraft Carrier Photo Index: USS CORAL SEA (CVB)

Note UH helicopter over the carrier's flight deck, amidships, with cargo suspended below. Two of the F-4 fighters visible parked aft of the starboard after aircraft elevator are wearing camouflage paint schemes. Photo is dated 3 July , but must have been taken earlier, as on that date Coral Sea was at Alameda, California.

A CH Sea Knight helicopter can be seen between the two ships right of the photo transferring stores. Quite a sight that day. We were crossing and re-crossing the international date line a lot at that time. So some days were 46 hours long, and others were 2 hours long. It was easy to forget what day it was! The carrier had been in the area since April 3 on refresher training and was conducting flight operations when the collision occurred. Eleven aircraft airborne at the time of the accident were diverted to the Naval Air Station at Guantanamo Bay.

There were no injuries to crew members of either ship, but the carrier's bow had a foot hole punched in and some radar and communications equipment damaged, and had to return to Norfolk. The Napo was holed above the waterline and spilled 7, barrels of oil before reaching Guantanamo for repairs. Bill was using a mm camera equipped with a mm telephoto lens and Kodak speed color film.

Damage to the ship's bow area, as the result of the recent collision with Napo , is clearly visible.

The Early Years

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JFK- [29] - "Goodbye, Sara". Aviation Oddities - a look at some of the more unusual aviation ships and craft we've seen.

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Letters in "quotes" following ships' names are the flight deck codes assigned to those ships. Casablanca class Escort Carriers, Part 3: Despite our vigorous efforts make this work as error-free as possible, some mistakes are sure to slip through.

The Later Years

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