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Utopia of Usurers

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A masterful critique of a financial system as one would expect from G. It's evolution, it's practices and it's countless victims all examined and dissected with great perception.

His assertion that the dystopia he writes of would not be possible without the connivance of a political ochlocracy leaves plenty of food for thought. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Here is a magnificent We live in strange times.

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Here is a magnificent collection of essays provided to us at a sublimely lost cost due to technology and will probably not be read because of all the techno-noise out there. This collection can broadly broken down into two main areas, those that are fairly topical and the reader will have to search the internet to appreciate certain references and those that are more theoretical. Somewhere between the Edwardians and the Modernists, Chesterton's style is music to the reader's ears. Clear, concise, at times humorous,and certainly opinionated this will give the reader a glimpse into the attitudes of the past and a window into the future.

It is a must read for any student of modern English or modern topical mores. Chesterton's merciless take-down of capitalism via a wonderful series of essays. A must read for any radical looking for institutional critiques of the industrial age and its moral and literal toll.

Utopia of usurers, and other essays

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There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history. Get to Know Us. What truly enraged Chesterton was the fact that Capitalism was no longer being checked by the traditional institutions that had been the mainstays of the British people in the past. What he is enraged about is the usurpation of human life itself, by those who would use our God-given human, personal, spiritual life for the benefit of their own monetary profit.

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That is why Chesterton states,. It is much too mild; it lets our enemies off much too easily—By all the working and orthodox standards of sanity, Capitalism is insane. I should not say to Mr. All continues to go well in the Land of Plenty. That is why we normally focus your attention on the trivialities and mere accoutrements of human existence.

Obviously there is no crisis to worry about. There are, of course, certain diabolical obstacles, even though one of them is, clearly, not the devil, to the transmission of this paradisiacal world to all of humankind; these evil individuals might even be an inconvenience to us. The reason these fanatics act as they do is on account of the fact that they just cannot stand for people to be free and happy.

There are, sadly, some who want to be enslaved and miserable. But, as you can tell, these threats are quickly and assuredly being overcome. Once they disappear from your TV screens, the people whom they have tyrannically dominated will be free to follow their natural desire and join, like everyone else, the utopia that they have been illegitimately excluded from. And now the stock report. The only problem with this is that it is a utopia for a specific group of individuals. If you build a world that is meant to be perfect for a particular group of individuals, you, sooner or later, make a world increasingly hell-like for those whom the utopia is not meant for.

This is what angered Chesterton. To whose good is this utopia ordered? In this text, the answer of Chesterton is simple: In this regard, we find Chesterton articulating a truth that is hidden from public sight by the jargon of Liberalism.

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It will tolerate nothing really independent of itself. Now it is true that any positive creed, true or false, would tend to be independent of itself. It might be Roman Catholicism or Mahometanism or Materialism; but, if strongly held, it would be a thorn in the side of the Servile State. It cannot afford to have any definitions…[because] [t]hey fight. It was meant to benefit the rich; and meant to benefit nobody else. Such is the society I think they will build unless we can knock it down as fast as they build it.

utopia of usurers and other essays

Everything in it, tolerable or intolerable, will have but one use; and that use what our ancestors used to call usance or usury. Its art may be good or bad, but it will be an advertisement for usurers; its literature may be good or bad, but it will appeal to the patronage of usurers; its scientific selection will select according to the needs of usurers; its religion will be just charitable enough to pardon usurers; its penal system will be just cruel enough to crush the critics of usurers; the truth of it will be Slavery; the title of it may quite possibly be Socialism.