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Jeffrey is happy enough to be home, but he clearly has a thirst for adventure. After he finds a severed ear on a patch of wasteground, he teams up with Sandy Laura Dern , the blonde teenage daughter of a police detective, and tries to figure out whose ear it is. View image of Dune.

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What to make of it all? According to Hopper, among other commentators, it was this brave truth-telling that upset so many critics when it was released. Blue Velvet attracted its cult following not by exposing a sordid reality but by staging a terrifying yet seductive fantasy. View image of Eraserhead.

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It makes more sense - if a Lynch film can ever be said to make sense - to see Blue Velvet not as an indictment of a corrupt America, but as a Freudian study of a boy, on the verge of adulthood, who is torn between the hometown respectability represented by the virginal Sandy perhaps named after the heroine of Grease and the illicit pleasures represented by the whore-ish Dorothy definitely named after the heroine of The Wizard of Oz. When Dorothy first discovers Jeffrey in her cupboard, she nicks his cheek with a kitchen knife, but the next morning, his face is as smooth as ever.

Another night, Frank beats him up viciously, but his bruises fade with miraculous speed. In a sense, he is a substitute for anyone who goes to the cinema. Films allow us, like Jeffrey, to visit a twisted demi-monde of sex and violence and moody music for a couple of dark hours, before returning unscathed to ordinary life.

Blue Velvet: A Not So Smooth Corner

Blue Velvet invites countless other interpretations, of course: In , these postmodern games were bamboozling - and, to some critics, irritating. In a one-star review in the Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert argued that Lynch was being cowardly by repeatedly yanking Jeffrey back from the transgressive underworld of Dorothy and Frank: I was absorbed and convinced by the relationship between Rossellini and MacLachlan, and View image of Stockwell. In the s, though, everything that annoyed Attanasio and Ebert would become standard practice.

Just as the rap records of the era were getting into the habit of sampling soul tracks, indie movies were pilfering scenes and settings from wildly incongruous films and sticking them together in bizarre new configurations.

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