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The Gun Club underwent myriad changes in personnel during their existence, but the one constant element was founder Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

Deservedly so, for that song, all 1: Indeed, the intro to the cut on Live at the 9: Now, some folks might get a bit miffed over certain umpteenth-generation hardcore whippersnappers only knowing of Jeffrey Lee Pierce because Morris wrote a song about him. But easy there, partners.

We all tend to occasionally idealize and even embellish our paths of musical discovery, mainly due to the reality sometimes being as bland as simply plucking a cassette from a discount bin. That was this writer, fishing a severely marked-down copy of the third Gun Club album The Las Vegas Story from a massive box of cut-out tapes in a mall chain store back in Forse per intercessione del suo idolo Robert Johnson ; forse dopo una sbronza per le strade di New Orleans; o ancora, dopo uno degli innumerevoli buchi che lo accompagneranno fino alla tomba, nel , ufficialmente per un'emorragia cerebrale.

Robert Johnson abbiamo detto, il blues del delta, ma non solo: E allora tutto combacia, le allucinanti visioni a sfondo sessuale di "Sex Beat", dove l'altalenante e vigorosa chitarra di Ward Dotson, figlio delle swamp e di New York allo stesso tempo, accompagna il ritmo ossessivo scandito dalla batteria; il delirante rito voodoo di "Preachin' The Blues", dove la foga strumentale esplode in terribili vampate di furore.

O il blues-rock per ubriachi di "Promise Me", la chitarra singhiozzante, una viola ipnotica come solo quella di John Cale sullo sfondo.

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When your relationship was new, everything you did together was adventurous simply because YOU were new to each other. Some of those activities may have gotten lost in the shuffle of responsibility, boredom, or routine. If you are not new to each other anymore, find activities that are unique. Get outside your comfort zone, together.

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After all, getting to know each other was exciting and challenging when there was uncertainty. The world is fresh for discovery. There are new places to visit, new nuances of sex, a special date to break the routine, a project you both share. Whatever your age, playfulness is inside of you. Watch lovers as they hold hands or prance through the snow. They are awakening an inner child. Allow yourself a careless laugh or a fun, awkward moment.

Kids make life special all the time and unfortunately, we often want to silence all the action , and grownups can as well. Love brings out playfulness. Do something ridiculous together.

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Go on a walk for half a day without a goal in sight. Wear something kooky because its fun. Make sex an adenture. Or, perhaps, just sneak away from the kids for a romantic moment, like two jailbirds on the run. Of course you love your children.

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But there's time for grownups as well. One of the lest understood dynamics in passionate love is a passionate commitment to letting your lover have some space when he or she needs it. You undoubtably know that it's natural to take time, like its natural to bond. In fact, they are both active ingredients in a healthy relationship.

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Ask any man or woman who feels crowded in by their partner. Sometimes love is kindled in the rawness of great sex. Sometimes, it's getting away together. And, sometimes it's being apart.