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What sort of person has a power complex about flowers? So what the hell is going to happen now?

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Resources for heaven - sent Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. Dictionary Entries near heaven - sent heavenly body heavenly-minded Heavenly Preceptor heaven-sent heaven tree heavenward heavenwards.

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Statistics for heaven - sent Look-up Popularity. Time Traveler for heaven - sent The first known use of heaven - sent was in See more words from the same year. English Language Learners Definition of heaven-sent. More from Merriam-Webster on heaven-sent Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with heaven-sent Thesaurus: Comments on heaven - sent What made you want to look up heaven - sent? Get Word of the Day daily email!

Need even more definitions? He looks at the chalkboard to see what is written: Question 1 - "What is this place? On another chalkboard, question two appears: On a third chalkboard appears another question: At that moment, the Doctor fully regains consciousness in the water. As he floats in the water, the Doctor makes a horrifying discovery. On the seabed are many skulls. He quickly swims back to the surface, ending up at the base of the central tower.

The Doctor walks inside and into a room with a lit fireplace. Warming his hands with the fire, the Doctor discovers an identical set of his clothes next to the fireplace. The Doctor takes the duplicate clothes and trades them with his own, making sure to place his clothes exactly as the other set were placed, before leaving the room. The Doctor finds a small room, with arrows pointing to a missing section of the stone floor.

He looks up at the nearby monitor, noting that the Veil keeps coming for him. He asks why it does that. The Doctor walks over to the monitor, pondering on the fact the Veil is tracking him. He realises that the Veil is trying to terrify him, as the monitors are set to show him where it is at all times. The castle and the Veil are a killer puzzle box designed to scare him to death.

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Smirking, the Doctor comments that it must be Christmas - this is exactly something that would be on his list. The Doctor heads down another corridor that leads him to an outside garden. He notices a rectangular mound of dirt in the centre of the garden, and a spade nearby, which means something is buried beneath the mound that he is supposed to dig up. Grabbing the spade, the Doctor contemplates whether to start digging, as it could be a trap or a clue left by a previous prisoner. After all, the presence of the skulls proves that there were others here before the Doctor.

Noting how slow the Veil is moving, the Doctor deduces he has an hour before it arrives, so he starts digging. Sometime later, the Doctor is still digging, having not found whatever is buried, when he notices flies buzzing near him. Running to the nearby monitor he sees that the Veil is strangely standing in one place, staring at a smooth surface. The Doctor opens the door to leave the garden, only to discover the Veil standing on the other side. The Veil quickly tries to enter the garden, but the Doctor manages the force the door shut, and props the spade against the door in a way to keep it shut.

The Veil continues to try to force the door open a few more times, before walking away. The Doctor looks at the monitor and notes that the Veil has walked into the room with the missing section of the floor. Wondering where it's going, the Doctor looks around.

The door is the only way in or out of the garden. Hours later, when night has fallen, the Doctor stops digging and looks up at the stars. He frowns in confusion, noting something wrong with them, before resuming his digging. His spade hits something. Digging with his hands, the Doctor uncovers the missing section of the floor from the other room.

On it, words are written: I am in At that moment, the Veil emerges from the ground nearby, having dug its way from the room to the garden. He tells Clara to ask him a question and she writes something on the chalkboard: The Doctor did note that it was when he admitted to being scared to die, that the Veil stopped. But, it's not just the truth that the Doctor's captors are trying to get out of him. They want his confessions, the secrets he never tells anyone. The problem is that there are truths the Doctor can never tell, not for anything.

But now he is scared and alone. Back in the real world, the Doctor confesses that he didn't leave Gallifrey all those years ago because he was bored, but because he was scared. The Veil backs off and the castle shifts again. The Doctor quickly climbs out of the hole and escapes from the garden. The Doctor then makes another discovery.

The castle is standing in the sea, alone, with no other land anywhere nearby. As time goes on, the Doctor uses his hand to tap out the seconds it takes for the Veil to walk from one side of the castle to the other, where he is, in order to work out how much extra time he can get before the Veil shows up again. He can get 82 minutes to himself if he leaves the Veil in one extreme end of the castle when he runs to the other extreme. Having some soup at one point, the Doctor wonders if the teleportation sent him to Hell; he shrugs off the idea "That's okay. Hell's just Heaven for bad people.

He has also noticed that most rooms after he has left them for a while, reset to the condition they were in before the Doctor arrived. The Doctor returns to the teleporter room and looks at the nearby console. He then notices that two cords of the console are attached to a nearby skull. Detaching the skull, the Doctor notices that its owner had written one word in the sand before he died: The Doctor wonders what it could mean, as he watches the word disappear from the ground.

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A wall nearby slides open, leading to a staircase. The Doctor uses the staircase, emerging at the roof of the tower. Setting the skull on a ledge, the Doctor looks around, knowing he is missing something. Earlier, he had located room 12, but found a wall behind the door, meaning he has to give another confession to access the room. The Doctor knows that the room is a trap of some kind. This whole thing is someone's game that the Doctor can't stop playing, a game that everyone who came before him has lost. Looking up at the stars again, the Doctor asks what is wrong with them.

Doctor Who series 35, episode 11 – Heaven Sent

They are all in the wrong place for this particular time zone. If he didn't know better, he would say that he has somehow travelled 7, years into the future, but he knows for a fact that he hasn't time travelled. As he ponders this, the Veil arrives, but before it can grab the Doctor, he mentions the Hybrid. Turning to face the Veil, the Doctor talks about the Hybrid. There were many prophecies and stories concerning it.

One of the prophecies mentioned a creature called the Hybrid, who was half Dalek and half Time Lord, the ultimate warrior. The Doctor confesses that he knows that the Hybrid is real, that he knows where it is, and what it is. He confesses that he is afraid of it. When it does so, the skull falls from the ledge and into the water, joining all the other skulls already on the bottom of the sea. The Doctor quickly runs back to room 12, to find that the wall has slid away, revealing a long hallway. Walking down it, the Doctor finds a room, with a semi-transparent wall, with the word "Home" written on it.

The Doctor realises that this is the final obstacle. Using the sonic sunglasses , the Doctor determines that the wall is made out of Azbantium , a mineral four hundred times tougher than diamond. He also determines the wall is twenty feet thick. He then thinks back to the word "bird", and that's when his memory snaps back into place. He tells Clara that he can't keep doing this.