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This is an essential guide for adoptive and foster parents, and professionals. Promoting Healthy Attachments with Your Adopted Child Lark Eshleman, This book helps adoptive parents recognize and respond to the signs of broken attachment. This practical guide offers clear and effective strategies for parents to help their children overcome their uncertain past and embrace the love of their new parents. Adoptive parents may need help in understanding how prior experiences and changes in caregivers, culture, and language can create challenges for children trying to form attachments in their new families.

This book provides advice about obtaining a proper diagnosis, building a caring professional team, using various approaches to parenting and teaching, and finding a therapist who is adequately informed, prepared, and experienced. This book covers all aspects of adopting and parenting these young children: This book fills a long-neglected hole in available adoption literature. Building the Bonds of Attachment: The composite figure of Katie, a fragmented, tormented, isolated girl in foster care who is filled with terror, shame, rage, and despair, exposes the tragedy of the unattached child.

Preparing Your Child for the Journey Through Adolescence

This book realistically portrays the experiences of poorly attached children and offers practical strategies for helping them overcome their difficulties. Parenting, Child Care, and Emotional Development Jean Mercer, This book will be especially valuable for those unfamiliar with attachment theory and research. Mercer provides a concise and jargon-free summary of attachment theory and successfully reveals how developments in the assessment of attachment promoted the evolution of attachment theory to what it is today. Siegel, Mary Hartzell, How many parents have found themselves thinking: Am I destined to repeat the mistakes of my parents?

Child psychiatrist Daniel J.

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Drawing upon stunning new findings in neurobiology and attachment research, they explain how interpersonal relationships directly impact the development of the brain, and offer parents a step-by-step approach to forming a deeper understanding of their own life stories, which will help them raise compassionate and resilient children. Once you understand your role in their journey, you will be more effective in your role as a parent.

Keck helps you understand and appreciate the complicated journey that adopted adolescents face. While it was once thought that lots of love and a good home would take care of the problems inherent in adopting a child, families and social workers now know that that is not true. Raising adopted children is not the same as raising birth children, and Maskew offers ideas and advice that are both practical and extensive. She deals with racism, problems around the holidays, disabled and special-needs children, and international adoptees.

In a society that still views adoption as second best to birthing a child, Maskew sees that with commitment and support as the keys, love will come along. D, Working with adopted adolescents is complex.

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The key to successful therapy and healthy development is to help the adolescent discover and accept the person within. Therapists and clinicians will discover: Parenting Your Adopted Older Child: Lieberman and Rhea K. Bufferd , A guide to producing and enacting family scripts which mark key transitions in adoption for school age children. These ceremonies are a way to acknowledge the loss of transitions, even in happy situations, and provide a hopeful context to acknowledge the changing circumstances.

For adoptive families, where the history is not a shared one, the rites and traditions commonly relied upon to negotiate transitions and to withstand internal or external stressors do not exist.

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White Mothers, International Adoption, and the Negotiation of Family Difference Heather Jacobson, This book follows white adoptive mothers as they navigate culture keeping: It explores how women think about their children, their families, and themselves as mothers as they labor to construct or resist ethnic identities for their children, who may be perceived as birth children because they are white or who may be perceived as adopted because of racial difference. This book is useful for raising multiracial children in a color- and race-conscious world.

Inside Transracial Adoption By Beth Hall and Gail Steinberg, Using a careful blend of academic research, social reality, and personal experience, this book provides creative, confident, pro-active, and provocative guidance for prospective parents considering transracial adoption for the first time and for those who are experienced veterans.

This book offers direction for building close, loving, and very real families consisting of individuals who are proud and culturally competent members of differing races. How to Answer Questions from Family, Friends, and Community Amy Coughlin, Caryn Abramowitz, Written as a guidebook for adult relatives and friends of adoptive families, this book puts the power of information where kids seek it most—in the mouths of their parents and caregivers. Where is she from? The book outlines some of the specific issues facing multi-ethnic families, along with strategies for dealing with them.

For readers just beginning to consider cross-cultural adoption or those already in the thick of it, this fine book should be at the top of their resource list. In Their Own Voices: Yet, while the stories in the book are universal, they are also deeply personal and incredibly touching. You cannot read this book without being changed.

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Are Those Kids Yours?: American Families With Children Adopted From Other Countries Cheri Register, A guide to becoming a visibly international family and answering the usually well-intentioned questions of others. Black Baby White Hands: A View from the Crib By Jaiya John, Here is a brazenly honest glimpse into the mind and heart of that child, a true story for the ages that flows like a soulful river—separated from his mother at birth, placed into foster care, adopted, and finally reunited with his biological family in adulthood—an astounding journey of personal discovery.

Jaiya John has opened the floodgates on his own childhood with this piercing memoir.

Magically, this book finds a way to sing as it cries, and to exude compassion even as it dispels well-entrenched myths. This story is sure to find itself well worn, stained by tears, and brushed by laughter in the lap of parents, adolescents, educators, students and professionals. Bonds of Fantasy and Reality in Adoption Selma Kramer, This book addresses the impact of adoption on biological parents, adoptive parents, adopted children, and siblings.

Message From an Unknown Chinese Mother Xinran, This book tells the stories of Chinese mothers whose daughters have been wrenched from them, and also brings us the voices of some adoptive mothers from different parts of the world. These are stories which Xinran could not bring herself to tell previously — because they were too painful and close to home. Ten chapters, ten women and many stories of heartbreak, including her own: Xinran once again takes us right into the lives of Chinese women — students, successful business women, midwives, peasants, all with memories which have stained their lives.

Whether as a consequence of the single-child policy, destructive age-old traditions or hideous economic necessity… these women had to give up their daughters for adoption, others were forced to abandon them — on city streets, outside hospitals, orphanages or on station platforms — and others even had to watch their baby daughters being taken away at birth, and drowned.

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  • The book sends a heartrending message from their birth mothers to all those Chinese girls who have been adopted overseas at the end of there were over , registered adoptive families for Chinese orphans, almost all girls, in 27 countries , to show them how things really were for their mothers, and to tell them they were loved and will never be forgotten. Adopted by an American family at age four, Jaclyn goes to her new home with a great burden. Her new family had to leave behind a little boy who had been under her charge at the Chinese orphanage.

    Wanting a Daughter, Needing a Son: Those who have been touched by adoption from China often speak those very words. This book provides the most thorough answer to date. Lost Daughters of China: This book explores the emotional and political complexities that create families across the boundaries of culture and geography. Adopting a Daughter from China Denise Harris Hoppenhauer, Written for first time parents, the practical advice offered here combines the challenging aspects of parenthood, with personal experience and the unique needs of adoptive families.

    This easy to read, book covers every aspect of adopting from China: Moore, A manifesto calling Christians to adopt children and to equip Christian families going through the process. Offers biblical foundations for adoption and identifies adoption as a Great Commission priority in evangelical churches.

    An interesting list of Principles for life and a comprehensive list of South African resources are provided to facilitate access to professional help. This book provides all the information needed to teach your children wholesome, Godly principles. It is a fantastic resource.

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    I highly recommend this book to all parents. It would most definitely assist you during the difficult, adolescent years. With today's increasing emphasis on the problems of teenagers, this book could hardly have been more timely and important. I know Indira Gilbert personally as a motivated and knowledgeable individual, whose qualities could not help but be reflected in her book. Read on your iOS and Android devices Get more info. Capabilities Text to speech.

    Introduce them to the God of the Bible and teach them to love the Lord with all their heart, soul and strength. Preparing to Lead Your Child to Christ: Leading your child into a saving relationship with Christ and helping them to understand the role of the Holy Spirit and baptism. Your child is about to begin climbing the mountain called adolescence. Guiding your child through this challenge will impact the rest of their life. God has openly established who we are. This Milestone is marked by an increased ability to understand a relationship with God.

    Remember, whoever owns their heart will have the most authority in their lives. Learning to balance a strong heart connection with increasing adolescent independence will help to ensure a more successful outcome.