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This yellow book cover design underlines a juicy tie-in with its title, plus uses pale lettering to thrilling effect. As the author of ROY G. Taxis got daubed canary-yellow for exactly the same reasons now cited by book publishers: Pencils are yellow to evoke the dusty-golden aura of Emperor Huang Ti, the so-called Yellow Emperor, sun-worshipper and apocryphal inventor of writing. Yellow runs the gamut from joy to toxicity, to a toe-curdling void to brass-tacks entrepreneurialism.

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Illustration by Oliver Munday. Now for the unscientific follow-up questions, like: After all, mobile apps must visually shout from an even tinier smartphone screen. Sadly, based on woefully un-rigorous research I must conclude yellow apps have yet to shine forth as a coherent trend. I am a lot less familiar with things Android, but this popular roundup of best Android apps in included not even one wholly-yellow app logo for Android.

Quite a few burnt-orange apps, however: Curiously the employee benefits company Personal Group , no longer a startup, executed the very same color-palette switch lately. More proof-positive that teal, along with burgundy , is the new corporate blah color. Are all these yellow colors destined to become literally flash-in-the-pan?

Coldplay - Yellow (Kina Grannis Cover)

For more information, check out The Ultimate Guide to Color Collection —13 resources for color lovers: Despite its importance, many designers find color to be the most frustrating aspect of their work to get exactly right. From palette-building techniques to color theory, this collection will give you a comprehensive library of resources you can use time and time again.

Yellow book covers and movie posters are definitely more alluring.

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Since many self-publishing authors are starting out on a very small budget however, homemade, DIY book covers are still a popular choice. You want your cover to be different and unique, but you also want to tick all the right boxes because they work. The worst thing an author can do is consider their cover design like a blank canvas and add whatever they want, wherever they want.

So here are the tricks you need to know. I chose these images and book covers quickly to illustrate my point. You want a strong light to dark transition, with strong shadows. But you also want contrasting colors: Movie posts use orange and teal all the time , because they are a very pleasing color combination.

Yellow Lemon Children Book Cover - Templates by Canva

A lot of book covers are too busy. Many of mine certainly are partly due to my design style, partly because the authors want to include everything on the cover. The normal spacing between letters is too cramped for a book cover. This is especially true for author names. It makes it more cinematographic somehow. No reason to break that into two lines. But the extra space makes the cover layout less box-square, and more fluid — like two inverted triangles.

The Book with the Yellow Cover by John Moncure Wetterau

You want an instantly clever image to catch their mental attention. BTW, notice how wide the spacing is between the letters on these two covers. Then the subtitle tells them what the book is about. On the other hand, fiction appeals to the heart. So fiction covers should be bursting with color, vibrancy, action. They should be beautiful. Here are two covers for books I really enjoyed: Both use the orange — teal contrast. I like that Allegiant put in a little bit of setting on the bottom, which is easy to do and usually works well so the author name had to be moved up.

Ignite Me is done very well too though, and the dark contrast on the bottom getting lighter as it goes up makes the dark eye really stand out. Something else to notice: Allegiant really pops out with a heavy dropshadow and metal gradient , and it also makes the teaser at the top easy to read — unlike the teaser for Ignite Me , which I can barely see. Be careful of overusing dropshadows through, I try to avoid them by using natural contrast put light text on dark areas of the cover.

Focus on colors, abstract symbols, representations. Focus on strong contrast and mood. How does the cover make you feel. For fiction, a teaser should hint at the major plot point or conflict star crossed love, a family feud, a personal growth quest, etc. It should excite interest without giving away too much.

Make them simple, in a simple font, and small, but find a way to fit them in and get them edited — pay someone on fiverr.

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  6. The teaser has got to be really good. You should also get feedback on the title….

    For non-fiction, your subtitle is crucial because it allows you to fit more keywords. Fiction books can benefit from subtitles too: Adding a simple genre-subtitle into the title field on Amazon can help you be found. Edit it down to make it short and punchy — 10 words or less. Smart indie authors in related genres will trade cover blurbs so start networking!

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    Something to keep in mind…. Here are three covers with different teasers on them all in different places; you may have to squeeze the teaser wherever it will fit. Also the author font is too fancy stick with one fancy font. Odd Thomas is one of my favorite covers. Designing for print and ebooks is the same. Here are two very similar covers. The fonts are nearly identical, but I far prefer the Koontz cover, because:. Search through hundreds of fonts, on sites like DaFont. You can get a free one, but a paid one will be less used.

    You can make your font unique by hiring a designer to tweak it — for example the Twilight fonts which have extended letters l, n, p, k which are suggestive of fangs, knives, danger.