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Currently not in stock Shops are adding new products all the time, so check back soon! Description One unforgettable night, thirteen-year-old Miles goes to the flats near his home in search of shellfish, only to discover something startling and remarkable: Brand Pages Jim Lynch Available for pick-up within minutes of ordering.

The Highest Tide Rejacketed Paperback – International Edition August 3 2009

Most of their conversations seem to be focused on breasts, the opposite sex and what goes on with them "down there. Miles protects and helps her and admires her own strange and insightful friendship. But his real love is the Bay itself and the enormous profusion of life from great to near invisible that it nurtures. Mile also happens to be extraordinarily capable of learning about and understanding the nature of life in the Bay and on its tidal flanks.

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He ends up repeatedly making significant news locally and wider about surprising discoveries that start to catapult him into an exotic celebrity category despite his own efforts to just be himself. His effort to balance his growing notoriety, with his burgeoning hormonal urges, and dreams and the temptations offered by his coterie of adolescent mates, and his own blindingly well-informed talent for natural sciences creates a story that is not only sheer fun, but that introduces the reader to a world of cosmic complexity in the microcosm of Mud Bay.

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Lynch's imagination, research and story-telling abilities have created a novel of immense readability, integrity and character. You can lose--and find--yourself when the Highest Tide sweeps into Mud Bay.

A coming of age tale about a boy obsessed with marine life and what happens when he discovers a giant squid that sets off a chain of events resulting in massive exposure on his insular world and the peculiar relationships that define him. The Highest Tide is one of the best novels I've had the pleasure to read in recent years.

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Jim Lynch possesses a poetic beauty in his prose, but doesn't make it showy or flagrant. It flows naturally, completely enveloping the reader in the mind of the precocious Miles, a 13 year old boy who is more at home in the tidal flats around his home than in social circles or relationships.

His best friend happens to be a woman so elderly that he has to aid her in using the restroom. The only friend his age doesn't understand him, and his crush on a troubled older girl goes unnoticed. To make it all come to a head, he discovers a giant squid on the beach. This attracts scientists, news reporters and even some cultists as Miles almost miraculously discovers species after species of new or extremely rare marine life on the shoreline that he knows like the back of his hand. His obscure world is thrust into the national spotlight, exposing the troubles that lurked in the cracks until then, including his parent's impending divorce.

What makes this novel stand out is how Jim Lynch seems to effortlessly bring the characters alive, and even more so his descriptions of the marine life that fascinates Miles so much. Many writers might make such sound boring and technical, but Lynch takes the reader right to the shore and brings it all to life so that we too can be awed and humbled by the beauty and fragility of nature. It is rare to find a novel that speaks poetry without pretentiousness, but Lynch pulls it off well.

The result is a rare treat of a story that should delight readers familiar with its themes as well as those like myself who are completely ignorant of life by the water. I loved it, and recommend it to anyone who loves a story that takes you away. If you are a fan of the ocean or coming-of-age stories, then Jim Lynch's The Highest Tide is for you.

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It's the story of 13 year old Miles O'Malley, an undersized amateur marine biologist living in Olympia, Washington. In the space of one summer, almost all the things he has taken for granted as constants in his life are turned upside-down: It all starts with his late-night discovery of a giant squid washed ashore near his home, and culminates in the highest tide his part of the world has ever seen.

Along the way, there are earthquakes, cults, near-drownings, amazing discoveries, sex or fantasies thereof , drugs, rock and roll, and more. Jim Lynch does a terrific job in creating a character in Miles that you instantly like and want to root for. He is unique, and yet relatable. Used book in very good condition. Some cover wear, may contain a few marks. We're sorry - this copy is no longer available. More tools Find sellers with multiple copies Add to want list.

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