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British Victorians were excited by geographical exploration, by the opening up of Africa and Asia to the West, yet were troubled by the intractable Irish situation and humiliated by the failures of the Boer War. At sea, British supremacy remained largely unchallenged throughout the century. During the Victorian heyday, work and play expanded dramatically.

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The national railway network stimulated travel and leisure opportunities for all, so that by the s, visits to seaside resorts, race meetings and football matches could be enjoyed by many of this now largely urban society. Increasing literacy stimulated growth in popular journalism and the ascendancy of the novel as the most powerful popular icon.

The progress of scientific thought led to significant changes in medicine during the nineteenth century, with increased specialisation and developments in surgery and hospital building. There were notable medical breakthroughs in anaesthetics - famously publicised by Queen Victoria taking chloroform for the birth of her son in - and in antiseptics, pioneered by Joseph Lister The public's faith in institutions was evident not only in the growth of hospitals but was also seen in the erection of specialised workhouses and asylums for the most vulnerable members of society.

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The Victorians Pupils calculate how many years ago a number of important Victorian events occurred. A new invention Project: The Victorians Students become Victorian journalists, researching and writing a newspaper report about the discovery of a new invention. Famous Victorians - Who said that? The Victorians A game in which students write and attribute made-up quotes to a range of famous Victorians.

Let us begin Project: The Victorians Students compare the beginnings of a selection of Victorian novels, and consider what makes a good story opening.

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Queen Victoria's family tree Project: The Industrial Revolution Project: The Victorians Students use a variety of sources to research and write up the impact of the Industrial Revolution on towns and their inhabitants, with particular emphasis on the poor. The Victorians Students have travelled back in time and landed in London slums, circa They compose a piece of creative writing about their first impressions.

The workhouse and child labour Project: The Victorians Pupils make a comparison between their lives today and the lives of children in Victorian times, with particular emphasis on children in poverty. Rights of the child P4C enquiry Project: The Victorians Students discuss the plight of children in Victorian times and compare the way in which they lived to the rights and protection children have today. Victorian money and maths Project: The Victorians Students first examine Victorian coins and their values before moving on to solve a range of maths problems using Victorian money denominations and the imperial measurement system.

The cost of living Project: The Victorians Students calculate combined incomes and expenditure for different-sized Victorian households.

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You can see the various nobility titles in Britain. Therefore, the Victorian middle class not only would lose their jobs and have to find another, but they had to compete with immigrants for work. This drove the prices down on the wages and most poor class families struggled to even put food on the table. The wedding day in Victorian times was considered to the most important day in the life of a Victorian girl.

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The marriage of a girl was something very special for the mother, the soon to be bride and her family. During the early Victorian era, the dressing style resembled the Georgian age clothing style. Victorian clothing style was linked to etiquette as well. When people hear the word Victorian, one thing that comes to their mind is the majestic Victorian architecture.

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However, it is in the reign of Queen Victoria that radical changes in architecture took place, each having their own distinct characteristics. Victorians were known for their morality and ethical conduct.

Church had an influence on the society and daily lives of people.