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Earthworms, Horses, and Living Things: Naturism in the United States: A Voyage in the Gulf: Making Trouble for Muslims: The Thomas Starr King Dispute: James Martineau and Rebuilding Theology: Original Cables from the Pearl Harbor Attack: David Hurlburt's War Comes to the U. Bookplates of the Kings: Herbert's Guiteau, the Assassin by Paul Rich 0.

A Definitive Commentary on Bookplates: Image of deer and person in meadow. Lewis, Harriet and Harold. Lick, Rose Margarethe Zobelein. Image of men reading. Zetti] "Beheading is the worst use men can be put to. Image of woman riding horse. Don't sale away with this book. Luzern, Auguft am Rhyn.

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Image of woman reading book. Remarque by Sidney L.

Special Collections and Archives

Edgar Fisher] Madison Institute Library. Zetti] [Wood engraving by Pam Reuter. Image of woman reclining. Image of man playing violin. Plate made when artist was 90 years old. New days, new ways pass by. Mahony] McClure, Margaretta D. Twice minister to England. Image of three women. Edgar Fisher] Miranda, Thomas. Moore Drop Forging Company. Smith] Moses, Leslie H. Mosher] Motley, Edward Preble. Image of boy with plant.

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Image of magnifying glass. Image of three people. Pettorret, Australia] Muller, Edward. Ex libris Ducis Italici. N Nabors, Elsie W. National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. National Cash Register Co. Image of scout master crawling into a book. Beers Collection on Shorthand. Middleton Murray] "To perpetuate the history and development New Hampshire Historical Collection. New York Botanical Garden. New York Evening Post. New York Public Library.

Macdonald] New York Stock Exchange. Northwestern Mutual Fire Association. Janitor of the building, University of Southern California. Ohio School of Social Sciences. Macdonald]; "Follow knowledge like a sinking star Petty] Oliver, Katharine Schermerhorn. Oosten, Jan Hendrik van. Oscar Hillel Plotkin Library. Image of flowers and lizard.

Image of fish and house. Oxon, Colleen Wahami in Acad. Pace, Irene Greene Owen. Image of Mary and Jesus in manger. Ballarati] Palmer, George Herbert. Image of girl riding horse. Pease, ] Petersen, George M. Philips, Major Robert Titus. Worthington from a picture painted by J.

Drawing by Hewitt Jackson. Queen's University Medical Library.

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Zetti] [Image of book] [Image of tree] "Et interra pax. Redwood Library and Athenaeum. Image of man and angel. Nelson Poole] Richards, Gertrude Moore. Palmer of Webster, NY. Image of a ship, the Pamir, the German four-masted bark which sank in early Lankes, ] Ruskin, John. Wolbrand, ] "De re medica for G. Burzi, ] [Sergio Burzi, Bologna. Image of skeleton on horse.

Image of skeleton playing accordian. Perrottet, Australia] Sanderson, Richard. Med Augusto Vianna Ribeiro Dos. Schellart, Maria, Phons, and Carla. Image of bird and eye. Image of person and bird. Friedlander] [Copper-line engraving by E. Reitsma-Valenca] Scholte, Cajto M. School for the Blind. Image of man under tree. Image of face in ribcage] [Woodcut by W. Sewell, Edgar and Marjorie. Image of flute player. Magellan's flagship, from an old map in the collection of the Marine Society. Woyty-Wimmer] "Prosit Neujahr, Image of man on horse.

Riber Castel, Matlock, Derbyshire. Blackburn] Smith, Harry Worcester.

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Smith] Smith, Howard L. Smith, Jean and Alden. Des collectionneurs d'ex libris. Macdonald] Sola, Manuel Mateu. Sousa, Joan Gres de. Manana flor de sus ayeres. Image of Snow White and the seven dwarves. Image of man reading book. Image of face over city. Image of Indian and horse. Image of man holding stack of books. Stricker, Adele and Adam Kramer. Suess, Paul and Wife. Auch Unkraut gibt zum Honig Saft Purchased from the College Endowment Fund. Image of snake in orange.

Nason] Tullberg, Hasse W. French] Unitarian Laymen's League. Wheelan]; [Image of man and woman] University of Chicago. Bicknell] "From the library of Robert Mark Wenley Bicknell] "In memory of Stephen Apaulding Bicknell] "From the Crummer gift Macdonald] "John Augustine Zahm Bragdon] "In memory of Donald Bean Gilchrist Miller Memorial Apicultural Library University Club of Cleveland.

Image of stars above snowy scene. Mia van Regteren Altena. Music, history, poetry, time. To stand still in art is to go backwards. Wambeek was from Sydney, Australia. Image of horse with wings. Image of man with harp. Falls] Warby, Ruth T. Image of post] [Artist's plate. Image of angel with book] [Wood.

Washington Bookplates: Six Articles Reprinted from The Town Crier, | Westphalia Press

Edward Harlan and Miss Katherine G. Image of woman and swan. Image of woman with books. Stol, the Hague] [Valentin le Campion, Paris. Image of winged horse. Image of man playing instrument for woman. Image of book surrounded by birds and bats. Image of fish and bird. Image of bird and book.


Phillips] Wessen, Ernest J. Wheeler, Frost Montaine and Emma Phyllis. Glacier Park design by Cleora Wheeler. Wilkens, Sue and Nancy. French] Willey, John Ipson. Grove House, South Hackney. His works include American Bookbinders, published in He published frequently under his initials, W.

In this particular work, Bowdoin has collected a fascinating variety of bookplates from around the world to showcase different styles. This edition is dedicated to Larissa Watkins, librarian and bibliographer extraordinary, friend to countless authors.