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I say that as mine is terrible, go figure! The characters were all unique. I love the unique names and personalities. There were a lot of them though and at times it as hard to remember who was who.

The only character that I had a problem with was Mionee. She started out true to who she was but as the story progressed I felt that she gave in to the pressure placed on her. Either that or she changed who she was too quickly. It was like character whiplash. I think that since this was a series the beginning could have moved slower. Time could have been taken to make it seem more realitic. The extra time could have been used for Darrak to believe. He did believe but it was too quickly to be real.

The ending made the book seem more like serial than a series. I feel like the next one is more to be continued than one after another.

The Lost Heir

The books in this series will be very connected to one another. This is definitely not a stand alone novel if you begin to care for the characters like I did. I love that this took place somewhere not earth. I also love the magic aspect and the language because that shows real dedication to the story and world.

This world is worth the read and it was easy and quick so it isn't real a waste of time. It's a fairly simple story to follow though it may turn out to be long. This is a quick and easy read. It was fun and I love great other worlds that I can get lost in. Characters in this story are their own people and are each special. I care about a lot of them now. Yay love for fictional characters! I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.

Received from Netgalley for honest review. This was the first in series and was a very good start to the series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the characters were well written and thought out. It is set with various POVs and this made for an exciting read throughout. I have got the second in the series and plan to read this soon. A good start to the series. I was fortunate enough to get an ARC of this novel, and am glad to be able to share my thoughts on the book.

Though I am a casual fantasy reader, this particular book had the unique ability to draw me in and make me wanting more as the pages went by. Though the book is longer in page count, it went by quite quickly, and I was able to finish in two days which for me, is quite a feat as I tend to take shorter time frames for reading. The characters within The Lost Heir are readily relatable and ca I was fortunate enough to get an ARC of this novel, and am glad to be able to share my thoughts on the book. The characters within The Lost Heir are readily relatable and can be empathized with easily.

I feel like I'm right there with them as they move through their tribulations, insecurities, and triumphs. The story is told in a way that gives me a sense that I'm another member of the party, not just a casual observer the story is being told to. The protagonist starts out as a very normal and everyday person that grows on a deep and personal level in which I know what they are feeling and empathize with their emotions and predicaments. Between the internal evolution of all the characters and the development of interpersonal relationships between them, I was literally brought to tears during some intense moments of the plot.

This is an exceptionally difficult emotion to arouse within myself, and was deeply touched by what the characters went through and how they dealt with the situations they were presented with by utilizing each other's strengths and guarding one another's weaknesses. There is also no lack of action and suspense within the story either. There were definite moments when the adrenaline was kicking in and I could hear my heartbeat in my ears while the fury of battle was all around me. Cheering for the victories, taking pleasure in the fall of an enemy, feeling the pain of a setback, and the loathsome fury of an enemy's deceit were all common experiences.

Not only do I feel that I'm with the characters interpersonally, I feel as though I'm fighting right alongside them through epic battles. The Lost Heir is a uniquely engaging story that drives the reader through the story at a steady pace, but still takes the time to slow down and allow for the characters to internalize and develop. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in fantasy novels or are looking for something new to grip them at a personal level wherein a deep and entertaining story can be revealed to them in an exceptionally engaging manner.

I cannot wait for book two! I buckled in for the ride and went nowhere. In the year since I began book blogging, only one of my reviews was a DNF. This book marks my second. A quick perusal of The Lost Heir on Goodreads shows the book to have some rather stellar reviews since its publish date in This leaves me baffled and wondering whether or not I was reading the same book.

Additionally, there is so much exposition that it is distracting. When I review a book, I usually spend a paragraph or two on its characters. This is where I praise or ridicule the roles within the book. Those that merit mention seem unsure of themselves. For instance, Princess Mionee appears as a young, adept sorceress. While seemingly random elements of the early pages receive plenty of backstory, she appears to simply exist.

Whereas our presumed hero, Darrak Hunter, is a whiney, college wimp. And the other characters we meet early on? They fail to impress.

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My first attempt at reading this book saw me through the five percent of it. A special thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing with a copy of this book for the purpose of review. I received an arc copy of this book for an open and honest review. I loved this book, it was like a fine wine The characters were really nicely built up and had depth to them, you were really invested in the story arc the characters were on.

It had twists and turns and threw me off the scent a few times and I didnt expect some elements of the story which was really refreshing. I cannot wait to read the sequel: Darrak thought he led a normal life, but then the sun and clouds turned violet. Then a mysterious man shows up and tells him that he has magic and that the only way to save earth was to travel to a far away land and learn how to use his powers.

But when Darrak arrives in Mystandia he get's a lot more than he bargained for as the truth of his past is revealed and he is forced to come to terms with what it all means. The Lost Heir is a mix of new school and old school, giving you the feeling of tr Darrak thought he led a normal life, but then the sun and clouds turned violet. The Lost Heir is a mix of new school and old school, giving you the feeling of traveling back to a time of kings and queens, a time when things were more simple and less complicated by technology. As the story begins we are treated to both worlds and once earth is under attack we are delivered to a time when sorcerer's ruled the lands.

Once Darrak reaches Mystandia things unfold rather quickly. In fact there is so much going on in this story, that at times I found it hard to keep it all straight. Upon Darrak's arrival things in Mystandia quickly become dire as the kingdom is betrayed and put in mortal danger. Now both earth and Mystandia rest on Darrak's shoulders. And the only way to save the kingdom of Mystandia is with magic, magic that Darrak has only just begun to learn and grasp.

Magic rules the kingdom, it is not hidden, but treasured and respected. In Andi O'Connor's world magic is wielded with the use of a kraylock, a marble boulder that reacts to the magic within the person. But there are those few sorcerer's or sorceresses that can wield magic without the use of the kraylock and are deemed more powerful than all others. In The Lost Heir there are many different layers of magic, limits and capabilities. I thoroughly enjoyed the world that Andi O'Connor created in this story, it truly made me feel like I had traveled to another land.

I for one would love to see a violet sky! The only real problem I had with the story was the fact that I found it hard to believe that the one who betrayed Mystandia could have a change of heart so easily. Brenda McCreight: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

The betrayal of Mystandia is something that obviously took years of planning and is the work of someone truly evil I don't see how one simple act could make them change their mind and regret everything they had done. Although I do think that this person is getting what they deserved. You have to read it to really understand what I am talking about, I would tell you, but then that would ruin it! The Lost Heir is full of magic, creative worlds, action, adventure and will leave you on the edge of your seat as Andi O'Connor definitely left us with an ending that makes you thirst for more!

I know I kept touching the screen on my kindle in hopes that more pages would appear! One thing is for certain, I will definitely be tuning in to future stories of Dragonath! Darrak Hunter is just your typical college student that strives for perfection in every aspect of his life, except for taking the time to clean his room. However life as he knows it, changes suddenly when he starts having dreams of a town with a purple sun.

As the characters from his dreams become reality, he is whisked away to the planet of Dragonath, where he learns he is the true heir to the world. Darrak and his new friends must risk their lives in order to save their planets. The Lost Heir p Darrak Hunter is just your typical college student that strives for perfection in every aspect of his life, except for taking the time to clean his room.

The Lost Heir provides a thrilling and intriguing start to the Dragonath Chronicles. Readers will be quickly swept up in the race to save Earth and Dragonath. The author describes the planet and sky in vivid detail. The characters each face their own challenges, while growing individually and as a group.

The pace of the plot is slow at times, due to the explanations which set-up the premise for the whole series, while the characters appear to accept their circumstances a bit too quickly sometimes. This book is an easy, fun read. The flow leans towards a young adult book, but it is definitely enjoyable by readers of all ages. I am very excited and anxious to see what happens next with Darrak and his entourage. The author of this book provided a copy for me to review.

This review was originally posted on the Ariesgrl Book Reviews website. I received a free copy of this book in the goodreads giveaway. Overall I thought the ideas in the book were creative and interesting. It was quite entertaining to peer into the author's magical, parallel world of Earth. The characters were likable and I especially liked Andrillian because she was a cool and bad ass female character. However, I felt like the book dragged on a little and I felt it was a little unrealistic because of Mionee's easy change of heart.

Also, Darrak seemed to adjust to M I received a free copy of this book in the goodreads giveaway. Also, Darrak seemed to adjust to Mystandia a bit too easily without giving a second thought to his home planet, Earth. But all in all, this was an amazing debut novel and is intricately and beautifully written. The author pays a lot of attention to detail and her unique style of writing really shines through. It is a great book and if I had to choose whether to read it or not, I would want to read it all over again.

Derrak Hunter is a college student and a loner. One night he dreams of a world with a purple sun only to wake up and find the yellow orb that used to be in the sky is now purple! And there's a strange man in his room who tells him he's a sorcerer from a world called Dragonath and to save Earth from the changes that are taking place, Darrak must go with him back there. Turns out, Darrak's roots come from Dragonath.

Darrak goes with the sorcerer and discovers how lonely his life really was with ou Derrak Hunter is a college student and a loner. Darrak goes with the sorcerer and discovers how lonely his life really was with out friends because now he has some. I received this book in one of Goodread's giveaways.

I will be buying the rest of the books in the Dragonath Chronicles if I'm not fortunate to win them as well. A loner in college, he is plagued with visions of a distant, purple sunned world. When Earth's sun begins to glow purple in the sky, he is met by a mysterious sorcerer explains that his is the descendent of a ruler from another world. The sorcerer takes him to the world of Dragonath, where he begins to learn about his own powers.

The story is intriguing and keeps the reader engaged. However, the dialog is a bit awkward since Ms O'Connor tends to have her characters use proper, academic english as opposed to more natural speech. However, this draw back is easily over looked, though it could prove a distraction to the reader. I will certainly be looking forward to reading the sequel. I found the characters to be very relate-able and with the author's writing style, I felt I was right there with the characters. A must read for all fantasy lovers. This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.

I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review. I found this a well written story, with a great fantasy world and characters. Thoroughly enjoyed this and cannot wait to read the second in the series. Darrak closed his eyes. A sorcerer appears in his dorm room and tells him he is the lost heir to the kingdom of Mystandia. After traveling to this new world, Darrak must learn how to use his new-found magic and embrace his destiny.

He embarks on a quest to try and save the world from a cunning Organization that seeks to take over both Mystandia and Earth. With the help of some new and powerful friends, can Darrak overcome plots of betrayal and save two worlds? Strengths This is an action-packed story! Not much opportunity to get bored because there is always something happening.

One of the biggest strengths to the story is the depth of the characters.

See a Problem?

Not only do we get to know Darrak and his struggles, but a myriad of allies and enemies are showcased, adding tremendous depth to the story. I loved getting to know Mionee, arguably the main antagonist. She has a rich and compelling backstory, making me very sympathetic to her situation.

I also love that there are a ton of strong female characters to look up to. I loved all the magic, aspects of which were explained in fascinating detail. The themes of betrayal and family were helpful in moving the story along and keeping everything connected, and there were even bits of a love story strung throughout to keep me happy. First of all, I know that this is only the first installment of the Dragonath Chronicles series, so some loose ends are expected. However, there were so many points that I wish were addressed before the end. Rather than going into too much detail or giving away spoilers!

What happened to Cyrus? Who is behind The Organization? Who, specifically, is hunting Darrak and his friends? What happened regarding the binding ceremony between Mionee and Garenth? How did the people on Earth respond to the purple clouds and how did they affect the ecosystem?

There were allusions to what Darrak thought might be happening, but no direct information. Next, some of the dialogue and actions between certain characters were…somewhat inappropriate. For example, a servant talking back to a king would probably result in their death, or at least immediate termination of employment, right? There is a scene where a handmaid is arguing extremely disrespectfully with the king, a not-very-nice guy. Conclusion Overall, this was a highly enjoyable fantasy read. Lots of action, cool magic, and an interesting story line featuring some exceptional characters with rich histories.

I can sometimes be an impatient reader, and I have a feeling that once I read the next installment all of my questions will be answered. For more of my reviews, go to http: Thousands of years ago a sorcerer sent Haeleena away from her homeland of Mystandia to live on Earth. It was the only way he could think to hide her and keep her safe from the war that was brewing in their home.

In present day the people of Mystandia are anxious to learn who the new Grand Sorcerer will be. Mionee, the youngest daughter of the current Grand Sorcerer, hopes it will be her. In fact she has made a plan in case it isn't her. She's building an army and she plans to take down anyone in Thousands of years ago a sorcerer sent Haeleena away from her homeland of Mystandia to live on Earth. She's building an army and she plans to take down anyone in her way even if that includes her brother and her father.

No one can stop her now that she is learning black magic. On the other side of the palace Ipzaag is silently preparing for the naming of the new Grand Sorcerer. While he hopes his father will chose him there have been rumors that he will chose his sister instead.

Nevertheless Ipzaag carries on with his day as though it is any other, training with his apprentice. Darrak lives on Earth. He's been having weird dreams that seem so real and when he wakes up he remembers every detail. He's also found that the purple sphere his parents gave him as a child is acting weird. He assumes he's jut tired from studying too much and thinks nothing of it until he day the Sun changes colors.

That same day the Grand Sorcerer appears to Darrak and takes him to Mystandia. He explains that Darrak can perform mene, a type of magic and proves it to him on the way. Once Darrak is in Mystandia he learns the secret of his heritage. He is a decent of Haeleena. He is the rightful ruler of Mystandia and will need to take his place once he learns to strengthen his magic.

It's too much for Darrak to take in and he has difficulty with the change in worlds. Things are heating up as Mionee and her warriors learn of Darrak's heritage. Mionee will stop at nothing to eliminate him and take her place as the next Grand Sorcerer.

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