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Become aware of the ability of restoration ministry in your church. Pastors frequently think sick outfitted to assist with such difficulties and refer humans to assets outdoors the church. FaithConnect - The Search for Meaning - download pdf or read online. FaithConnect, our interactive on-line spiritual schooling programme for transition yr and senior cycle scholars, is now on hand in our new FaithConnect textbook. Eating as as Act of Worship: The ministry all started because of her deliverance from weight problems, and he or she has been instructing others the Christian weight reduction rules she discovered considering Additional info for For God and Country: Therefore, they want more if possible.

More than a million of the original version was used in WWII, and one of the sailors from that period, gave his battered and worn copy to his grandson before he died. The grandson, a 15 year old Boy Scout at the time, decided to edit the original and add some more to it to reflect the much more pluralistic military environment of today for his Eagle Scout project. And now we are handing them out by the thousands because of the generosity of the United Methodist Men, and your generosity that is making this whole project possible.

Do you know of any small country churches who feel like they are no longer relevant? Tell them about your small part in a big thing that God is doing. This is one of the best books I have ever received. I continue to read it today. I have carried it on several deployments. Thank you for this outstanding book. Marines from the barracks participated in the defense of Washington in the War of and the barracks currently serve as the home of the US Marine Corp Band..

I have used it on two deployments and the devotionals have been a blessing. I have received rave reviews from airmen that have read this devotion. These have been a tremendous source of inspiration to our service members in particular. I have also distributed these books to all other camps throughout Kuwait and also to our civilians working on base. Our service members express their gratitude for these devotionals. Since we have more men and women deployed family members are also reading the book. The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord.

Please pray for us as we seek to honor the Lord Jesus by bring order to a chaotic situation. Again, thank you for your generosity. The employees of Mississippi Power Co. They showed the strong will and determination that gave relief to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This may seem to some as if they were just doing their job, but consider many of these same people lost their homes too. We have a new rotation that will start in October. Many of these troops will be moving into Iraq or Afghanistan.

In July, I led another retreat on spiritual growth. Each retreat was attended by 40 participants. The Strength for Service devotional books you donated to us were made available and received with appreciation by retreat participants. The remaining books are on hand for us to give to patients, family members and other staff.

Thank you very much for your generous contribution to the spirituality and resiliency of the military staff here. I had written Larry Coppock earlier in our deployment for some Strength for Service devotionals which I distributed around the battalion.

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Our soldiers are on the dangerous and uncertain roads of Iraq almost every day hauling and retrieving resources and supplies from base to base. The Commander allows the chaplain to have a prayer before each departing CLP.

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I have also given several of the devotionals to our Ugandan team which provides base defense security at the gates and dining facility. They were so filled with joy. Again, thank you for your prayers and support. We could not do what we do over here without knowing we have the support of our home team.

You are truly appreciated. The chaplains here incorporate Strength for Service into the pre-deployment training. They are going to be perfect for our chapel. We have nothing similar to your superb publication. The troops really love them. Your support helps our soldiers who face daily combat stress to stay Army strong by boosting morale and maintaining high spirits. We are a battalion of approximately 1, soldiers out of Fort Steward, Ga. We supply maintenance, supply and services, transportation, medical services, force protection and convoy security for the 4 th Brigade Combat Team of the 3 rd Infantry Division.

Our soldiers are on the roads of Iraq everyday hauling resources to and from various patrol bases throughout a 40, square mile area. We could not do what we do over here without knowing we have the support and prayers of our home team. Thank you again for standing alongside us as together we preserve and advance freedom. You truly make a difference. We are very active in the global war on terror. I have a copy of Strength for Service to God and Country and I get a lot of comfort and wisdom from it. Strength for Service is a great resource.

Our squadron lost a soldier from an improvised explosive devise a few days ago. It is always hard when it one of our own. Please be praying as we deal with his death and everything surrounding it. Our chaplains hand out copies of Strength for Service to those who make or renew their decision to follow Christ.

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I read the meditations for my birthday Jan. The meditations for these two days alone humble me. May God continue to richly bless your organization and your families. The date on the flyleaf is June 23, I am a believer who read through the daily reader for a year, and was so blessed by its message that I have re-read it year after year. My hope is that it will bless him as he goes into service with the encouragement that once blessed a WWII sailor.

I read one message a day. Sometimes I read them to others, but only if they wish to hear. They are portable and soldiers will read these type books. We were having breakfast at the Embassy Suites. We got into conversation with a young lady who was cleaning off the tables. She was expecting her second child and her husband was headed for Iraq.

I went to my room and picked up two copies of the Strength for Service and gave them to her so that they could read the same devotional the same day. It blessed my heart to know I have made a difference in their lives. My top chaplain assistant, Master Sergeant Tim Streich, asked me to secure much needed copies. I have already started doing ministry with Federal Bureau of Prisons staff members who are going through difficulties by giving them a devotional. My warden recently lost his father who was big into Boy Scouting so I gave him a copy.

These little books offer comfort to so many under stress and in such isolation from the world. What a great thing the Commission on United Methodist Men is doing. One of the stations is the chaplain. I work with basic training soldiers——as well as drill sergeants and some other soldiers.

To God & Country Testimonials – Strength For Service

It is a great durable book that can go anywhere with them. Thank you for this ministry you provide for our soldiers. It is a real blessing, and can certainly have great eternal value! I know it will be the same with the sailors stationed here in Japan. I do look forward to continued blessings from you. I would like to hand out copies of the book at a special service for our warriors at this new chapel site. We are facing some challenging times here in Iraq and all of us are able to draw strength and inspiration from the support we receive from people like you.

Please accept my humble thanks for your continued support. May God bless all of you in your organization. He was excited about the prospect of getting some of the Strength for Service devotional guides. He will join his unit who just arrived in Iraq whose commander is a previous parishioner of mine. He is requesting to of the devotional guiders for the three hundred troops he will be caring for driving convoys from Turkey to Bagdad. We would like to express our sincere words of heart-felt appreciation for all the great support, care and prayers that you provided for all the soldiers, airmen, sailors and DOD civilians in our unit to lift up their morale and spirits during the deployment.

It is a very wonderful meditation book that many love. Our mail tells us that these days are very tough, so resources for ministry such as this are greatly appreciated. The devotional books were given to servicemen and women in the Kuwait area. They were pleased to receive and read such beautiful devotional books. Thank you and God bless you.

The box of books arrived at the armory the other day and I am packing it to go to Camp Blanding for our annual training with other battalions. The soldiers will be at drill for selective missions and your books will be a splendid spiritual resource. Thank you for your kindness to our military that is doing a superb job under difficult and complicated world-wide situations. We are looking at 1, to 1, service members being deployed out of this state in the next year.

Most of these have not had the opportunity to receive a copy of this tremendous text. These devotionals are a great resource to provide to the cadets at the U. Just before we met me she had a huge fight with her son. They screamed, he spit, and she hit him. He said he was leaving for good.

She threw his stuff out in the yard, and then headed to meet me for dinner. She was about to depart for Iraq in a few days, and I had planned to give her a Strength for Service devotional to carry with her. When she got home, she read the March 2 devotion Behold My Hands. She took this as a message from God that she should not have struck her son, and she thanked me for bringing her back to her faith in God after many years.

She even attended church the following morning. This little book has been given to many of my close friends and family, and all love it. I loved it so much I knew I wanted more to give to those who would appreciate them. The messages apply to everyone. In sharing this resource with other chaplains, they too have seen its value. Just today I was able to turn over six of our eight cases to one of the units who will be heading down range.

The chaplain was excited to receive them. It is very important that we provide our soldiers with the tools they need to ensure they remain spiritually fit during their deployment. Navy for 10 years now with prior service as a Naval Intelligence Officer and as an enlisted sailor since I was recalled to active duty in February of to serve in combat operations in Iraq.

Reward Yourself

I first came in contact with the Strength for Service devotionals while assigned as the Deputy Wing Chaplain, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing responsible for preparing chaplains and religious program specialist for deployment to Iraq. In Iraq, we ministered to Christians, Muslims and Jews. But the most highly sought after books remained the Bible and Strength for Service. In country we could not keep these in stock. While the Marines would use their Bibles and personal witness, they often provided a copy of Strength for Service to their Iraqi counter-part and he in turn gave the Marines a Koran and shared insights from his faith perspective.

Through a simple faith-based devotional people came to share from their hearts about what faith in God meant for them. One of our own chaplains just returned from Afghanistan where he ministered to as few as 25 soldiers. He used and enjoyed these devotional guides as they helped him provide comfort and assurance that our Lord is at work in the midst of this conflict. Thank you for your generous contribution. During my stay in the Middle East, I have had numerous opportunities to visit military installations and to fellowship in the military dining facilities.

I have had the opportunity to view many service members with their heads bowed in reverence to God for extended periods of times and I can assure you that it was not all for the nourishment that the meal was providing. They were thanking God that they were alive and for the ability to be there to partake in the meal. As a Force Protection Officer with Combat Support Associates, it was my job to train and oversee the security for the military installations in the Middle East. That is to say that we had to search every vehicle and most individuals entering the installations, and I would like to tell you that it was very gratifying and rewarding to see how many soldiers pulled that publication from their pockets.

It is a blessing to have Strength and Service provided for our men and women who are in defense of our values and freedoms and who are willing to lay down their lives in order to ensure that we can enjoy those freedoms that only Americans have. The words within give them comfort and resolve and let them know that Jesus loves them and so does the country that they defend. I would like to personally thank you in behalf of all the men and woman serving in the Middle East for your concern for their spiritual health and welfare.

You and your organization are a blessing to each and every one of the lives that you have impacted. Most if not all the recruits can relate to a faithful grandparent. While in Fallujah, Iraq, my fear was that those who entered into His presence may not have known Him. It was the heaviest burden I carried. Strength for Service [helps] lift these young men to the Lord.

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  • They have arrived safely and are being distributed as I write this note to you. I have worked it out to where at least one book goes with every squad. The feedback from the soldiers is unanimous: Your ministry is a huge blessing. May God richly bless you all! The signal battalion I serve is spread throughout Kuwait. At every camp our soldiers now have access to Strength for Service because of your thoughtful donations and prayers. Their day training schedule is extremely busy, therefore not all may be able to attend worship services. Speaking as an OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, I can say that I would read anything over there and I think these books are great for soldiers to have in their pockets when the get some down time.

    There are a variety of resources that I hand out to the recruits, but I think this is the best and most relevant. It really encourages them because it is written with a military focus. Strength for Service speaks right to the heart of a warrior and hits on the topics that are at the forefront of our thoughts. The size is ideal for carrying in a cargo pocket or in the pouch of a pack. The recruits seem to enjoy reading it and being blessed by the stories and prayers.

    Thank you for this great ministry tool that you are equipping us with. The dependants here at Fort Wainwright are devastated. If possible, could we get more books; this would be wonderful for soldiers here as well as for the soldiers in Iraq.

    Chaplain marches with troops and inspires

    God bless you and thank you. Special thanks to you and all who work to provide these to our Marines and other Sailors and Soldiers. We appreciate the donation very much, and they will be put to very good use here at the U. Coast Guard Training Center. The devotional books have been such a hit with our soldiers that we would like to include one in each pack as we have done since you introduced us to them.

    These have been much appreciated and used by civilian and military personnel throughout the Pentagon. We have made them available through our monthly book distributions in the Pentagon corridors as well as at a literature display in our office. Soldiers drop by almost every day to look for a copy for themselves or to share with a friend. This is a spiritual resource that is touching souls at the highest levels of our military. Thank you so much for making these excellent books available to us here at the Pentagon. Your actions send a very visible message to the soldiers that they are indeed cared for and supported.

    Your support and prayers are vital to our mission and we are grateful. They get so much out of the daily devotionals that it is unbelievable. Thank you so very much for this vibrant ministry to our men and women, whether on the home front or abroad. The rich thoughts and messages given within its pages have encouraged and inspire so many. I use the devotional thoughts to open our nightly Battle Update Briefs. One small group is using them for a Bible study. The Squadron is composed of the following elements: We are fortunate to have the th back home now from nearly a year in Iraq, with only eight combat casualties out of more than 3, soldiers who deployed.

    Strength for Service to God and Country was the only inspirational publication some of these soldiers had after they deployed. I have talked with several of them and want to pass on to you what a profound impact this little book had on them. It makes me proud to be a United Methodist. They have helped me through the toughest weeks of basic training. I read a passage every night at lights out and it always strengthens me and gives me motivation.

    Thank you for providing another source of comfort. As I thumbed through my copy I found these words for 20 May: Does He know my name? Does He love me, or am I lost in the crowd? I know each service member who receives one will be very appreciative. May God bless each man as he lives out his faith in a bold, courageous, and a visible way.

    I will see that the books are distributed. I wondered why such a burden would be brought upon anyone. This devotional helped me to understand how such an event could occur. The comfort provided by Strength for Servic e got me through the ordeal. John McWilliams, a firefighter from Bollinbrook, Ill. Our budget is limited so I am thankful they are free to soldiers. General Board Of Discipleship. Connecting Curriculum with Context. Considering a New Call. Coast Guard Chaplains Orientation Manual: A Tale of Two Churches. So Help Me God: A Reflection on the Military Oath.

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