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Sturdivan also takes on the myth that a bullet has the energy needed to violently push back a person's head. He discusses the experiments which prove JFK's head movement was neuro-muscular in nature. He does this on the basis of a jiggle analysis of the film and the recognition that there is a five to six frame lapse between the time of the shots and Zapruder's startled reactions. Contrary to conspiracy narratives that postulate a much shorter timeframe, the assassin had almost nine seconds to aim and fire twice after the first shot. The large jiggle that begins at Z has often been used as evidence of a shot by a second assassin since Oswald's view from the Texas Schoolbook Despository at the time was blocked by a tree but Sturdivan convincingly argues that a reaction at would have to have originated from a shot fired a few frames earlier.

Neither JFK or Connally show any reaction to a bullet at that time. The jiggle at is thus a tracking error caused by the fact that the limousine just then disappears behind the signpost. The most interesting part of the book for me was the author's defense of the original autopsy pathologists' location of the fatal wound of entrance four inches below where the entrance wound was placed by the Clark Panel , the Rockefeller Commission and the HSCA Forensic Pathology Panel He believes that their error was based on a misinterpretation of the X-rays and the erroneous belief that the point of exit would extend from a straight line from the point of entrance.

Rather, Sturdivan argues that the bullet entered lower in the back of the skull and then underwent a curved trajectory where it burst out in pieces higher up the front side of the skull. Pieces of the bullet fragments then hit the windshield while one fragment left the car to slightly injure citizen Jim Tague. Sturdivan, on the other hand, seems much more familiar with the more convincing conspiracy arguments and disproves them one by one.

Heard the one that says the bullet fragments tested by the HSCA did not match the weight of the fragments as originally measured during the time of the Warren Commission? Sturdivan has, too, and discusses it. What about that impossible theory postulated by Harold Weisberg and Cyril Wecht that JFK was hit in the head by a frangible bullet at the same exact time as he was hit in the back of the head?

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With the single exception of Vincent Bugliosi's "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. A Scientific Investigation of the Kennedy Assassination" is the best book on the topic that I have read. Once you have finished reading it you will be certain that the mysteries of this case have been resolved. Bob rated it liked it Mar 22, Mister Falcon rated it it was ok Mar 28, Daniel De Cicco rated it really liked it Jun 03, Andrew rated it really liked it Oct 16, Puhnner rated it really liked it Feb 17, Daniel Nazarko rated it really liked it Jan 24, The assassination evoked stunned reactions worldwide.

The first hour after the shooting was a time of great confusion before the President's death was announced. The incident took place during the Cold War , and it was at first unclear whether the shooting might be part of a larger attack upon the United States. There was also concern whether Vice President Johnson, who had been riding two cars behind in the motorcade, was safe. The news shocked the nation. People wept openly and gathered in department stores to watch the television coverage, while others prayed. Traffic in some areas came to a halt as the news spread from car to car.

Various Cleveland Browns fans, for example, carried signs at the next Sunday's home game against the Dallas Cowboys decrying the city of Dallas as having "killed the President". However, there were also instances of Kennedy's opponents cheering the assassination.

JFK assassination: Father, son probe single-bullet theory

The event left a lasting impression on many worldwide. As with the December 7, , attack on Pearl Harbor before it and the September 11 attacks after it, asking "Where were you when you heard about President Kennedy's assassination" would become a common topic of discussion. The museum offers tours of the aircraft that include the rear of the aircraft where President Kennedy's casket was placed and the location where Mrs. Kennedy stood in her blood-stained pink dress while Vice President Johnson was sworn in as president. Equipment including a gurney from the trauma room at Parkland Memorial Hospital , where President Kennedy was pronounced dead, was purchased from the hospital by the federal government in and is now stored by the National Archives at an underground facility in Lenexa, Kansas.

The First Lady's pink suit, the autopsy report, X-rays and President Kennedy's blood-stained jacket, shirt and tie worn during the assassination are stored in the National Archives facility in College Park, Maryland, with access controlled by a representative of the Kennedy family. The rifle used by Oswald, his diary, revolver, bullet fragments, and the windshield of Kennedy's limousine are also stored by the Archives.

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On October 12, , the three-acre park within Dealey Plaza , the buildings facing it, the overpass, and a portion of the adjacent railyard — including the railroad switching tower — were designated part of the Dealey Plaza Historic District by the National Park Service. Much of the area is accessible to visitors, including the park and grassy knoll.

Elm Street is still an active city thoroughfare, and a large X in the middle of the road marks the approximate spot of the presidential limousine when the shots rang out. The museum is operated by the Dallas County Historical Foundation. The sixth floor of the building contains a re-creation of the sniper's nest that was used by Oswald. The Historic Auto Attractions museum in Roscoe, Illinois has permanently displayed items related to the assassination, including the catalog that Oswald used to order the rifle, a hat and jacket that belonged to Jack Ruby and the shoes he wore when he shot Oswald, as well as a window from the Texas School Book Depository.

Kennedy , some items were intentionally destroyed by the United States government. The casket that was used to transport President Kennedy's body aboard Air Force One from Dallas to Washington was dropped into the sea by the Air Force, because "its public display would be extremely offensive and contrary to public policy". Looking southeast, with the pergola and knoll behind the photographer: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 15 September For a chronological guide to this subject, see Timeline of the John F.

For the assassination of his brother, Robert, see Assassination of Robert F. President Kennedy with his wife, Jacqueline, and Texas Governor John Connally with his wife, Nellie, in the presidential limousine , minutes before the assassination. An aerial view of Dealey Plaza showing the route of President Kennedy's motorcade. Ike Altgens ' photo of the Presidential limousine taken between the first and second shots that hit President Kennedy. Kennedy's left hand is in front of his throat and Mrs. Kennedy's left hand is holding his arm. Polaroid photo by Mary Moorman taken a fraction of a second after the fatal shot detail.

Secret Service Special Agent Clint Hill shields the occupants of the Presidential limousine moments after the fatal shots.

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Witness Howard Brennan sitting in the identical spot across from the Texas School Book Depository four months after the assassination. Circle "A" indicates where he saw Oswald fire a rifle at the motorcade. The assassination site on Elm Street in A white arrow indicates the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository, and the white arrow on Elm Street is the spot where Kennedy was struck in the head. The structure to the right of the depository is the Dal-Tex Building. State funeral of John F.

Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories. Reactions to the assassination of John F. Plaque on the building that was the former Texas School Book Depository. Dallas-Fort Worth portal Criminal justice portal s portal Death portal. Retrieved November 11, Weld to Peter W. Retrieved October 19, Archived PDF from the original on January 26, Retrieved May 16, Archived from the original on May 12, Retrieved March 28, Assassination Archives and Research Center.

Retrieved November 26, Death of the President". Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. When was Lee Harvey Oswald arrested? Kennedy by Tanya Savory chapter 12, second page. John Bowden Connally, Jr". Retrieved December 20, Texas Tech Alumni Association: Texas Attorney General Waggoner Carr attempted a state-level investigation but received no cooperation from the Warren Commission.

In the end, Carr generally endorsed the Warren Commission's findings. Hill, Special Agent, Secret Service". Not in Your Lifetime. Ken and Greg's Excellent Adventure: Retrieved November 27, See photos 1, 4, 7, and 8. Retrieved November 25, Secrets of a Homicide: The Man Behind the Grassy Knoll". History in Real Time".

Included in the Archived August 13, , at the Wayback Machine. The Saturday Evening Post. The Curtis Publishing Company An Investigation of the Assassination of John F. Accessed January 2, Retrieved July 31, Archived from the original on July 25, Warren Commission Hearings , vol.


Retrieved April 28, Archived from the original on July 29, Retrieved October 20, Archived from the original on March 29, Rusk, Richard; Papp, Daniel S. As I Saw It. The New York Times. Kilduff was the White House press man in charge at Dallas because Pierre Salinger, the chief press secretary, was traveling to Japan with members of the Cabinet. United States Government Printing Office. The Portal to Texas History. Retrieved September 1, American Heritage Publishing Company. Retrieved May 6, Archived from the original on November 30, Retrieved June 18, Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

Retrieved 1 May Fritz, Dallas Police Department". Captain Fritz told the Warren Commission that "I kept no notes at the time" of his several interrogations of Oswald 4 H However, many years later, someone discovered a little over two and a half pages of Fritz's contemporaneous handwritten notes at the National Archives. Fritz also said that "several days later" he wrote more extensive notes of the interrogations 4 H Kennedy November 22, ". United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The JFK Myths: A Scientific Investigation of the Kennedy Assassination by Larry M. Sturdivan

Retrieved December 8, The Johnson White House Tapes, ". Kennedy on November 22, , in Dallas, Texas. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis: The Investigation of the Assassination of President J. Performance of the Intelligence Agencies". Assassinations Archive and Research Center. Retrieved February 6, Report of the Committee on Ballistic Acoustics. Retrieved 12 February Retrieved 21 October By asking this question, Mr. Jacobs has shown he has absolutely no knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald the man, and what type of individual Oswald was. Unfortunately, it is not.

Most if not all conspiracy authors prey on isolated pieces of evidence as opposed to having a deep understanding of Oswald and what made him tick. Per his older brother Robert: He then told Robert "they asked me if I was in intellignece". Per Robert, this was the essence of Lee Harvey Oswald.

JFK Myths: A Scientific Investigation of the Kennedy Assassination

He hated authority, listened to nobody and felt his importance in the pro-castro movement was not being recognized. He wanted that recognition. Hence, his attempt to murder General Walker in April, In July, , he received a letter from the Department of the Navy refusing to overturn his undesireable discharge. Oswalds life was spiriling out of control. He hated his job, he was living in a boarding house without wife and children, he had no money What he did have on November 22nd was means, motive and opportunity. He only had to look into his eyes.

It is interesting to note that David Lifton has critiqued Sturdivans work because he too is coming out with another science fiction piece on Oswald. This flies of course in the face of known facts that the body was NEVER left unattended during the flight. Simply ask any wound ballistics expert. And I thought George Lucas wrote great science fiction!

As is typical of the conspiracy community, Lifton in his critque mentions Oswalds infamous "I'm just a patsy" comment. What he fails to quote, is the entire comment. Oswald said "I'm just a patsty, they only picked me up because I'm a communist". Lifton, like virtually every CT who's written a book would have you believe Oswald was saying he was a patsy of the intel community or organized crime.

Why quote the entire comment since it dramatically changes the tone and intent? Simply because it does NOT fit the agenda of the conspiracy community.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Let the marketing begin. Lifton states, the case will rest or fall on the validity of the evidence. I agree with this statement. Lifton fails to tell you is Lifton, as conspiracy theorists do uses the "reverse scientific method". They determine what happened, throw out all the data that doesn't fit their conclusion and then hail their findings as the only possible solution. To give you an example, Mr.

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