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But overall, was very satisfied with the story and of course loved the characters. A fun regency and one I'd definitely read again. Hawthorn House, Prequel book Source: View all 3 comments. Feb 18, Hannah rated it really liked it Shelves: A short, enjoyable novella introducing the Hawthorne House series and siblings through the eyes of a friend of theirs. In places it was rushed, with a couple of surprising coincidences, and a few times it drops out of Regency-era speech, but otherwise it's really good!

A nice intro to the series. I also liked the depth of character shown by these two, especially Amelia's interest in the servants. The story was going so so well until in a moment of conflict, the H just turned tail and ran away like a coward, leaving the h to face the fallout from the blood-thirsty ton! But the h stood up for herself in front of everyone so she won my respect. Really good for a novella.

The The story was going so so well until in a moment of conflict, the H just turned tail and ran away like a coward, leaving the h to face the fallout from the blood-thirsty ton! The love story was a bit formulaic but enjoyable.

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Dec 02, Marlene rated it really liked it. It's an introduction "0. The prologue is set in Suffolk, England, and chapter one jumps to London, which places it firmly in the Regency era. He is extremely absent-minded to the point that I wondered whether he had dementia or some other mental illness and isn't very interested in Amelia. When she turns eleven, he finally provides a governess for her and ships her off to his London townhouse and leaves her there for years. She has not been nurtured and cared for all her life. Anthony Pendleton, Marquis of Raebourne, has recently returned to London.

He's been holed up at his country estate for two years and is now seeking a wife. He's a rake turned Christian and abstains from behaviors that once defined him. I think it was a beautiful set up for the characters in the rest of the Hawthorne House series. There were many excerpts that I found delightful. How long would it take to learn how to do such an uncouth thing with ladylike grace?

Who would take the time to develop such a strange talent? Admittedly, this is mostly a gut feeling. I did a bit of reading, and the Anglican church was predominant in the Regency period. It appears that attending church was a tradition and not much thought was given to how to live their lives. These are both Anglican churches, and the sentiments they both express in this story do not seem likely to me to be Anglican-based. I agree with one reviewer who said that this book did not feel like a novella. It was the first book by this author I've read, and I enjoyed it a lot.

It won't be the last! I recommend it to fans of clean Christian Regency.

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View all 4 comments. Apr 08, Aerykah rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a very fun, very fast read and I really enjoyed it a lot! Wish I had time to write a full review, but I must get back to packing Nov 21, Beth rated it liked it Shelves: Definitely not as enjoyable to me as the full novels, but I enjoyed the banter between the characters, especially between the Hawthorne siblings. Oct 06, Heidi Robbins Heidi Reads Great story and a nice introduction to the characters of the series!

Oct 19, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: While I am a lover of long books, there are times that I just want something quick. I saw this one, and a good friend had liked it, so I read it. Amelia is an adorable, spunky, klutzy heroine whom you cannot help but love. She is also loving and kind and has a strong faith. She r Age Appropriate For: She reminded me a lot of my friend Jessica P. Anthony was a fun character as well and a good match for Amelia. The setting was so much fun! It feels like a Jane Austen with London, balls, pretty speech, and dramatic situations. It was so enjoyable I wanted to spend more time in the setting.

The story, while short, was well written and perfect. So many novellas feel like drawn out short stories or novels crammed into fewer words. I applaud Hunter on her skill and looking forward to reading more of her work. I highly recommend this book for those who like Jane Austen, romance, and novellas. Nov 06, R. Rodda rated it liked it Shelves: Lord Raebourne is a reformed rake, having become a Christian. To keep himself from slipping back into his old wicked ways, he is on the hunt for a suitable bride. Miss Amelia literally falls into his arms arousing his curiosity when she refuses to answer his questions and flees from him.

Her strange background and upbringing provide much of the interest in this story. This is an clean romanc 3. This is an clean romance, with likeable characters, caring family banter and a twist or two at the end. May 12, Sonya rated it it was amazing Shelves: I only wish it was a full length novel! I love most of the characters, except the "villains". P The relationship between Amelia and the servants is endearing. And I am so excited to learn that the Hawthorne brothers are going to get their own stories!

Oct 26, m a r y l i z rated it it was amazing. So that completely blew my expectations out of the water. This book was so. It was full of hilarious lines I laughed out loud at least 4 or 5 times, I kid you not , amazing characters, poignant themes, and an adorable romance to boot. And trust me, that's a remarkable feat, considering it's only a novella. Miranda and her siblings acted like real siblings, what with the WOW.

Miranda and her siblings acted like real siblings, what with their glares, snarky comments, and playful banter. Zippy Courses — It took me months to figure out what framework I was going to use for my eCourse. I knew how I wanted it to feel and function, but couldn't find a place to work with all my programs like MailChimp for email lists and iDev Affiliates.

I'm so happy I went with Zippy.

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I love that my course is on a site that I own. I don't have to pay a percentage of my sales to them. Once I got the hang of the framework, it was really easy to set everything up. There customer service has been incredible. This is how I build my sales team. As an affiliate to many other companies and bloggers, I've always really like iDev. It is the most user friendly and has lots of great options.

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Vimeo — I use Vimeo to store all my videos for my eCourse. Square — When I'm at conferences or other events that require me to take physical payment, I use a Square Reader. It's so easy to use! Black Chicken Hosting — I know it sounds weird to bring up my hosting here, but I love my host.

They set up my subdomain for my courses and helped me work though a lot of the details with getting everything installed and up and running. Hi, I love your updated blog page. Will you be sharing your Curriculum picks this year? Love your video blogs. Thanks for all your great tips and suggestions. The post just went live 20 minutes ago.

Thanks so much for asking. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Welcome to My Resource Page! Here are the posts I have so far that discuss my curriculum: We've used lots of curriculum for our pre-readers. We've used quite a mix. Every child will learn to read at their own pace. Sometimes you just have to switch things up and try different things. Just keep reading TO your child and encourage them along the way!

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  3. Author Interview: Kristi Strong | Kristina Circelli;
  4. Some catch on fast—some take their time. We are having fun doing some online learning using ABC Mouse, too. It's a wonderful resource. Other writing lessons we've done: History , and The Elegant Essay. I've used a few spelling programs through the years. However, as we added kids to the mix I really needed spelling to be less teacher intensive. Now we use Phonetic Zoo with our older boys. There are a lot of great grammar programs out there. Right now my older boys are doing Fix It!

    We've used Growing with Grammar for years. When we first started I loved Rod and Staff's English books. A Reason for Handwriting is hands down my favorite series for penmanship. Their technique for writing letters is amazing. It makes learning cursive really natural. Math We have been using MathUSee since our first day homeschooling. So far it has worked for all our kids. I also recommend Teaching Textbooks and Singapore Math.

    It is a handheld electronic device that generates flashcard quizzes. Pretty much all my homeschooling friends love Apologia, too.

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    Here's the thing that's important to know. The notebooks are incredible but are not meant to have everything completed in it. If you are using my crate system, then you'll be forced to tear it apart which will hopefully encourage you to pick what is best for your family to do. The elementary books are meant to be for K-6, so that means that you probably don't want to spend a ton of time learning about all the scientific names and all the details with your kindergartner…unless your child is just devouring what they are learning.

    So, try it out! I'm teaching it at our co-op. I use AIG's science curriculum to supplement what we're learning. I do really like it, too. It really makes science easy for younger kids. Big Book of God's Amazing Creation: There are so many exciting science experiments all broken down by the days of creation.

    The best choice I made was to get the audio CDs.

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    With a new school year starting here in the United States, explore how you might use the camera with your young students in creative, new ways! I love anchor charts! They are so useful in any classroom, as they help make thinking visible. Anchor charts also build a culture of literacy in the classroom. My students refer back to them on a daily basis as they are writing. The print-rich environment surrounds my students all day.

    The students and I create an anchor chart for every letter of the alphabet and I like for them to stay up year round; however, there is only so much wall space in the classroom. I started stringing fishing line across the ceiling and hanging them from there, but I know not every school allows that. Having the iPad devices in the classroom has solved this problem for us. Each time we create a new chart, students open the Book Creator app and snap a picture of the chart…even the alphabet charts that stay up all year. In the beginning of the year, I create the book template and send it to every iPad in Showbie.

    One of the first charts we create together for Writing Workshop is our favorite foods. This is not a chart that has to stay up all year, especially since they will have it in a book on their iPad device. This is one of our alphabet anchor charts. It will stay up all year. Because this one hangs from the ceiling, it might be difficult for students across the room to see it. Having it on the iPad allows them instant access at their fingertips. Creating these books has really freed up some space in the classroom and still gives us the opportunity to introduce new anchor charts all throughout the year.

    Give it a try! Through agentic action, people devise ways of adapting flexibly to remarkably diverse geographic, climatic and social environments; they figure out ways to circumvent physical and environmental constraints, redesign and construct environments to their liking… By these inventive means, people improve their odds in the fitness survival game.

    Agency is the capacity to take purposeful initiative. However, agency goes beyond just voice and choice. It means strengthening growth mindsets in our students as well as in ourselves as educators. It means focusing on student learning and not on grades.

    It means creating a student-centered culture where students have choice in their learning pathways. In our kindergarten class, we have found using the iPad is a great way to encourage student agency, particularly in literacy. By incorporating choice into our writing curriculum, students are more engaged in their writing across the curriculum.

    When students use creation apps as a way to demonstrate concepts, they are creating new learning in deeper meaningful ways. You can read more about that here. Student agency is encouraged as individuals choose activities and extend their learning. Agency requires collaboration between both student and teacher. This partnership depends on developing meaningful relationships with students. The iPad provides students with opportunities to create learning, expand learning, and share learning with authentic audiences beyond the classroom. This empowers students and encourages ownership.

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    Look at the ways you are incorporating technology into student learning and determine how much of their time is spent consuming content and how much time is spent creating it. By taking a look at our pedagogical practices, we can make minor changes to empower students and encourage agency.

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    Deeper learning is the process of learning for transfer. Student competencies that allow for deep learning include cognitive reasoning and problem solving, intrapersonal competencies which involve self-management, and interpersonal competencies which refer to working and communicating with others.

    When these competencies are in place, students are better able to experience deeper learning. Math is a natural subject to incorporate these competencies. Recently, we were working on composing and decomposing numbers to By working independently, students engaged their cognitive and intrapersonal skills. Next, students were able to work together on their iPad devices to compose numbers in a variety of ways. Students were able to choose the app to demonstrate learning. The above example is from the Number Pieces app.

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    These examples are from the Felt Board app. Do you see the difference from left to right? The pair of students on the left composed 10 in ways that were more traditional. All of these examples meet the standard, yet, given the opportunity to have choice in how they demonstrate learning, students often perform higher than our expectations. Integrating technology into your teaching practice can transform learner outcomes.

    Through inquiry, problem solving, and collaboration both with peers and teachers, students are better able to lead their learning more effectively and transfer their knowledge to their world beyond the classroom. So, as you are gearing up for a new school year, remember, everyone can create-even YOU! You can access each of the four, free books in the iBook Store or click on the links below: Give Clips a try!

    Here is one done in Book Creator app: Whether students are writing on paper… Or on their iPad… Or they are demonstrating math or science concepts…. Here are a couple of examples: