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Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention royal opposites loved this book real life tom and joan coupon queen fun read really liked clean romance joan and tom liked this book book had great prince bank ending sweet truly chase country relationship action.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I absolutely loved this book. No matter what I say from here on, don't forget, I absolutely loved this book. The heroine got on my nerves a little, but as in real life, she doubted that someone would actually keep their word and follow through on a promise.

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This was cross my heart and hope to die. My huge issues, this book was written in there won't be a sequel.

by Lori Crawford

After my rejoicing I settled down and said hey wait, who was behind this situation, why was there a situation, did she go to rafferstonia, did they get married, did she keep couponing, did she like the place, was she an excellent queen and life partner, did his people like her, did he finance his deals, what about the mystery woman who was reaking havoc in his life. I agree with another reviewer, while the chase was indeed delicious, it should have been cut down immensely to get to the growth of the two as a couple and ruling the monarchy.

This gave me a sad face. There were just too many unanswered questions, this was beyond a cliffhanger, this was we were thrown over into a rushing wave and pushed overboard with no lifesaver. This is an interesting story! There's a wealthy foreigner, Prince Tom soon to be crowned king and the African American from America Joan, who survives from paycheck to paycheck and is an extreme coupon expert.

Unfortunate circumstances bring them together and a budding relationship soon develops between the two. It's an adventure from beginning to end. Nibbles are there of a budding romance where all it would take is an extra nudge from either one while on the run trying to save their lives during the process! This is an adventurous light-hearted romance; a very fun filled read! One person found this helpful. I was looking forward to reading this A lighthearted fun jaunt. I was looking forward to reading this story, it appealed to the little girl in me that always wanted to find her prince.

The story is light on drama, light on romance, light on the plot but this novel is well written and edited.

The 'Royal Marriage': Why Opposites Are a Key to Growth | HuffPost

I kept wishing for a little something steamy but all in all it was an entertaining read. You ever been so sure that your bank lost some of your money? Now Tom is being told the same thing verbatim that Joan had been told the previous year. Thank God for cameras to record everything, right? Oops, security doesn't think so.

A simple trip to the bank becomes a trek across the southwest. So the Prince and the Queen live Now, not that easy. Someone called this a cute book. It is a cute, clean, backburner simmering story that is worthy of a cup of Earl Grey. You will enjoy this and you get coupon tips, too. Not only is the story about two people from different socio-economic backgrounds and cultures, but it is also an interracial romance, although this part was not overplayed which I appreciated.

Tom Rafferty an incognito prince from an obscure European country is in America on a financial mission of sorts, but will soon be returning to his native land where he will become king of his small country. An accidental meeting brings the two together when they are accused of trying to rob a bank. Unfortunately it was a set up by some unsavory bank employees working with some bad cops. Somehow, she managed to keep her expression neutral.

The tight lines around his mouth returned. How do they manage to get away with that? Maybe ten or fifteen percent of what you owe, but not fifty. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I think they held my deposit on purpose. Before he could share what he was thinking, the waitress interrupted. The woman was all smiles and with a trim figure that Joan could only imagine for herself. And that was if she were having a good day. She smiled at their linked hands on the table and winked at him. I was beginning to worry about you.

The 'Royal Marriage': Why Opposites Are a Key to Growth

Joan felt her face flush and tried to pull out of his grip. To her astonishment, he held on tight. That was when Joan got a glimpse of the diamond ring on her finger. Yet, here they were holding hands like a couple of lovebirds. Joan noticed with a start they were both looking at her. Molly had her pen poised over a pad ready for her order. Tom watched her with an expectant look in his eyes. They must think she planned to stay for dinner. She needed to conclude their business and be on her way.

Molly will never let me live it down.