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Urge the precious blood of Jesus. Bring out the atoning sacrifice. Enlist the Priest who stands at the right hand of God. And resolve in your very soul that if souls not be saved, if your family not be blessed, if your own zeal be not revived, yet you will die with the plea on your lips and with the appealing wish on your spirits.

On another occasion he said: Do not abandon the mercy-seat for any reason whatever. I attacked him with his own weapons , quoting from Scripture all the promises that I could remember, that prayers should be granted, and said that he must grant my prayer. If I was henceforth to put faith in his promises. He went onto say: So we must become more enthusiastic about faith and prayer, knowing that God is pleased when we persevere. It is not easy, against all appearances, to maintain our confidence that He will hear and to persevere in full assurance that we will have what we ask for.

And yet this is what God looks for from us.

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He so highly prizes our confidence in Him, it is so essentially the highest honour the creature can show the Creator, that He will do anything to train us in the exercise of this trust in Him. I dare not meekly accept the state of the world , with all its injustice and unfairness. Keep pounding the door. If we do so, He will give us our desire. Running the Christian race.

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The prayers touch on these and many other current topics. The foundation of this book is a lifetime of learning and broad experience. John Groh received his doctorate from the University of Chicago. Among his publications are two historical volumes on Air Force chaplains, New Light on Freistatt, Missouri and other books and articles.

John lives with his wife Nancy in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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The first person prayers carry on conversations and Bonds of Sin 8. Creator and Creation Doubt and Uncertainty 2. False Pride and Humility 8. They will often think I am being mean even though I am actually loving them by delaying or denying a request. All this is in my very limited wisdom God has perfect wisdom and we can always tryst his motives.

When my kids ask for something I was already going to do or give them, it isn't "wasted prayer" The one thing that has most helped me understand prayer is seeing young children die from cancer. Yep, nothing say "I love you" like watching someone die in agony and not lifting a single omnipotent finger to help. Humanists see death as the end of existence. So cancer can't be justified. Christians see cancer as little different than taking away a child's Xbox. Because death is not the end.

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  • Interesting responses, even from the atheist. First, if the Bible is true then Jesus came not to get us to understand that God is God, who on earth needed that? If God wants us to know how God he is, he hasn't many ways. No instead Jesus ca,e to reveal our Father, the Father who said, "if you being evil lavish gifts on your children how much more Me Not more human works Continued I believe what Jesus taught in John, the teaching not to the world but to his intimate brothers in the Father.

    Why doesn't prayer work, when the bible promises that it will (John , for example)?

    You cannot read John chapters and come away with prayer as a works But like you other fellas God has been awfully quiet. I don't care about cancer, or fancy cars, I want to live in the Joy he promised. If you have Joy He said the thief comes to kill and destroy, but that He brings life in superabundance.

    Sometimes, people see and defines certain things joy, life, abundance etc. A person with a house, a modest car and job would want more and if they do not get, they think God does not exist or answers prayers. Whereas someone else, somewhere in the world may pray for a ceasefire just for 2 hours in order to get access to medical care for themselves, their relatives or friends, and when that happens, they give incredible praise to God and hope for another day.

    Bottom line is he said it, it obviously isn't true, and he is a liar. Wow i thought ut was just me.

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    And i havent been praying for wordly riches.. I duffer from insomnia and have asked for healing with no reply. So yeah , i kinda feel its pointless.. God knows everything and his will is done regardless and my prayers fall on deff ears He was talking to His disciples while He was alive. Too many Bible verses are cut out and pasted with no context, and people misinterpret them as a result. You can blame God all you want for cancer or death or misery.

    Life is not supposed to be all easy, or even mostly easy, or even easy at all. Life is just a small part of our being. I've had prayers answered, and I've had many more unanswered. My answered prayers are too statistically unlikely for me to think they were answered by coincidence. Part 2 Prayer is not a genie's lamp to rub and get your wish - for a Porsche or healing or to live another day. As was mentioned before, no less then Jesus Himself proceeded in faith despite having no answered prayers.