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The death of her mother in came as a huge blow for Harini. She was only 50 when she passed away from Cancer.

She would walk regularly, ate healthy and yet cancer struck. I remember shouting in frustration at the doctor asking him how my mother could get cancer. Kalpakkam is where the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research is located and also co-habits a nuclear power plant.

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She started making small changes around the house. She actively started looking for vegetables and fruits that are organically grown.

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While the changes were small, she feels that they will help her and her children in the long run. I started doing this in the year Harini says it is very important for parents to remove worry from their lives. She urges all parents to try and enjoy the small moments and not worry about everything. Through her journey with Bhargav, the biggest lesson that Harini has learnt is to let the children be.

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They will all achieve their milestones, some early on in life and some maybe later, but eventually they all get there. I nterwoven with her experiences fighting Israeli governmental authorities, school systems, the birth family, and even the U. I am convinced that it is this very attitude that hobbled their children. If you expect nothing, you get nothing. Read sample from book.

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