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Paradiso 29 ; Conclusion ; Notes ; Index The Craft and the Fury: Essays in Memory of Glauco Cambon. Edited by Joseph Francese. Four essays in this commemorative volume for Glauco Cambon are concerned with Dante. The essays by Zygmunt G. Iannucci, and Christopher Kleinhenz.

New York and London: Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, Entries on thematic, linguistic, historical, biographical, artistic and cultural items. The volume includes the following tables and appendices: Assembling the Lyric Self: University of Minnesota Press, Renaissance Painter as Poet. Cambridge University Press, University of Toronto Press, Includes an Introduction , Notes , and an Index Storia, Letteratura, Paleografia, Medieval Literature and its Afterlife.

Essays in Honor of John Freccero.

Dante's Inferno - Canto 13 Summary & Analysis

Edited by Dana E. Brepols Publishers, , x, p. Binghamton Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 2. More than half of the sixteen essays in this Festschrift for John Freccero are concerned, either wholly or in part, with Dante. Talbot, George , ed. A Critical Edition from the Autograph Manuscript. Edwin Mellen Press, Mellen Critical Editions and Translations, 4.

Part 2 of book 1 contains an introduction to Trecento poetry influenced by Dante, as well as poems by Fazio degli Uberti and Frederico Frezzi, followed by an appendix, editorial notes and an index. The Origins of Humanism from Lovato to Bruni. Studies in Medieval and Reformation Thought, Jean de Meun, Durante and Bindo Bonichi. Because Dante spent nearly half of his adult life perfecting his highly coherent masterpiece, most evidence needed to demonstrate the constant elaboration and reevaluation of the wide-ranging ideas that lay behind the genesis of the Commedia must be sought in the influence of his contemporaries and in an analysis of his minor works.

The first eight cantos of the Inferno , for example, seem to belie an initial intention to structure the work based on the Seven Cardinal Sins. Dante chose to present himself as a scriba Dei in order to communicate his sincere message of reform to a larger audience than that which would have responded to a philosophical encyclopedia and abandoned his earlier moral allegorical readings of the Aeneid in favor of a more congruously constructed theory of allegoresis that stemmed to a certain degree from an increased familiarity with Latin literature.

These fresh concerns drove him to find a new language and a new literary form that were appropriate for the realization of his most ambitious project. All desire, Guittone maintains, makes man an enemy to reason and thus results in a metaphorical death in life. Barolini analyzes Doglia mi reca as the poem moves from courtly matters to moral concerns, drawing attention to the submerged common theme of the poem: While the image of the afterlife finds many of its sources in the popular tradition, it is mostly high Christian theology that influences the uniquely detailed structure of the Inferno.

From the contrapasso to the deadly potential of human desire, to improperly directed love, the theology of Hell draws its laws from Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. Essays in Honor of Melvin J. Friedman , edited by Jay L. Associated University Presses, , pp.

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Doctoral dissertation, University of Oregon, , p. Although linguistically and generically different, the four texts that I examine all juxtapose the sacred and profane in dynamic and non-hierarchical ways. Finally, in his Commedia c. Doctoral dissertation, City University of New York, , p. I shall survey the views of some cosmographers who had a direct influence on Dante, such as Dionysius the Aeropagite, Avicenna, Albertus Magnus, and St.

As to the third goal, we shall attempt to show how this dynamic power or virtue of Love moves and connects the angelic Intelligences of the Empyrean, as Dante calls it, with the planetary spheres of the Aristotelian-Ptolemaic universe. An Introduction to a Seminar. It is time, then, for a new marriage of culture and philology, according to the lesson given in the west by Martianus Capella. Philology also serves the purpose of dating literary works with more exactness.

A melancholy has come over the mind and heart of the author, which colors the message with a completely new tone. The widespread belief that Boccaccio disavowed and condemned the Decameron as a youthful mistake is discredited by the discovery of a manuscript carefully handwritten and fastidiously illustrated by the author himself between and , when Boccaccio was almost sixty years old. This essay was selected for the special commemorative issue of Dante Studies for the year by the Editorial Board in consultation with the Council of the Society.

It originally appeared in Dante Studies 84 , Argues that carnal love figures as the imperceptible, precarious point of contact with the divine.

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The aporia between carnal love and reason finds resolution in the written word in Dante, as the confluence of two otherwise conflicting agents: In Inferno 5, the love of Paolo and Francesca bears witness to the irreconcilable relation of eros, on one side, and history, law, and reason, on the other. The Earthly Paradise at the end of Purgatorio proves that carnal love alone allows human beings to transcend history and rationality and become one with the divine.

The Earthly Paradise is the ideal locus, or rather a non-place, in which humans exit history to be rejoined with the divine, where reason and the babelic confusion of languages no longer exist. Maggiari Chapel Hill, North Carolina: The Comedy can thus be seen as comprising all literary genres. Briefly discusses also the Monarchia and De vulgari eloquentia. Essays in Honor of John Freccero q. Solomon appears both in Purgatorio 30, as one who speaks in welcome of Beatrice, and in the Heaven of the Sun, where Dante controversially portrays him as saved.

Highlights the main interpretative trends in Dante criticism, focusing on some of the most significant works in the field. Of hermeneutic interest are two books: Some of the essays contained in Dante Now: Cachey, are also presented as examples of the variety of North American scholarship on Dante. Among the most interesting translations and editions, Colilli mentions the Vita Nuova translated and edited by Dino S.

Cervigni and Edward Vasta. The work is of particular interest for the reconstruction of the Italian text offered in what is believed to be the original text, free of chapters and numbered divisions. The article concludes with commentary on some recent contributions to criticism on Petrarch and on Boccaccio. A Very Improbable Couple.

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It also featured several captions or intertitles that cited directly from Dante. This essay explores the fascinating interactions among gender, power, and language in thirteenth- and fourteenth-century Italian vernacularizations. Vernacularization lies at the heart of Italian writing in this period, from prose versions of classical literature and rhetoric to the translation of Aristotelian science implicit in the love lyric. Ultimately, this essay shows how gender complicated the already anxiety-ridden project of vernacularization by feminizing the discourse of Latin learning, ennobling the vernacular and those who used it, and thus posing a potential threat to learned, Latin, male privilege.

It originally appeared in Dante Studies 93 , Rome had been singled out by God as the seat of the once untainted church and as the home of the only empire that had conferred universal peace. The Veltro , who will be an emperor yet to come, will finally destroy such greed through restraint of law. Such an emperor will be free from avarice because he already possesses all. Di Scipio , Giuseppe. Forum Italicum Press, Harvard University Press, The essay traces an Augustinian paradigm in the prologue scene of Inferno 1, in the figure of Ulysses, and in the overarching conception of the Comedy as a spiritual autobiography.

This obstacle can be overcome only through an askesis , a descent into oneself in humility, or death to the self, which in the Comedy becomes the journey through Hell. The conclusion develops the parallels between the Confessions and the Comedy as spiritual autobiographies, particularly in the relation between author and protagonist. Gillerman's discussion of several of the more important illustrated manuscripts notes the presence of two distinct kinds of illumination: She notes that a comparison of the various manuscripts with other religious and secular codices from the same period could help identify the individual artists and help date the illuminated manuscripts of the Commedia.

Studies in Italian Literature, 8.

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Light, Vision, and Optics in the Thirteenth Century ; 2. Optics and Vision in Dante before the Comedy ; 3. Aspects of Vision in the Comedy: Blinding, Optical Illusions, and Visual Error ; 4. Theories of Light in Dante. A Reassessment ; 6.

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University of Michigan Press, see Dante Studies , [], In reference to an essay by William Egginton see below under Addenda: Grandgent cita un testo protestante del The Day of Doom di M. Wigglesworth e alcuni testi cattolici, quali la Summa teologica di San Tommaso Suppl. I testi teologici citati da Grandgent non lasciano lato ad equivoci: Una di queste tracce si trova in Inferno Vis plus esse misericors filio Dei? It is identical also with the moral of the incident we have been examining, the reproof of Virgil, or Reason: Reconsiders the nature of the unexpected in the Divine Comedy.

Whether attributed to destiny, predestination or Fortune especially as she is redefined in Inf. Dante uses dramatic moments of surprise in the encounter of Brunetto in Inferno 15 and in the reversal of expectation in the minor catalog of shades in Inferno 6 in order to spark the imagination of contemporary readers. It is in Paradiso , however, that the technique of unanticipated disclosure holds more profound implications: Doctoral dissertation, Columbia University, , p. The first is the institutional practice of a chosen philosophy of education. The second is the technologies that have afforded the facilitation of information production, consumption and distribution-essential processes of education.

Taking advantage of major reform opportunities in educational practice, made possible by an emerging digital information system, the current trend in education tends to relinquish the long tradition of philosophy of education and embraces the cultivation of a reflective and productive citizenry through education. However, by looking at the ways in which the technologies of their time constrained or enabled the imaginations of our most influential philosophers of education Plato, Rousseau and Dewey , we will better understand how real technologies and ideal philosophies are necessarily related.

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