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He had previously performed this role in other productions, but he mentioned during the press preview, that he is giving a different take to this role now. He did have a bit of a hard time with the quick costume changes but he skillfully ad-libbed his way through it. A thespian through and through. Plus, that costume is so spot on.

Believe me, I researched! The future segment was one of the creepier parts of the story, with the cemetery setting and the ghosts draped in blood-red. Personally though, the person who stole the show is the young Tiny Tim. Immense talent in such a small frame. We were seated at the side and near the main stage.

Alistair Smythe

Although the main characters had their backs turned away from us for most scenes, we did have a closer look at the ensemble and dancers all through out the show. And I must say they were as entertaining and lively as the main actors in the scene. Nel Gomez can dance! Each one is unique with its own personality. Anyone who watches the show will take home with them the warm and fuzzy feeling of Christmas. Yes, snow will fall in BGC.

The Drainpipe Gang - The Adventures of Chris and Andy Smythe

I almost teared up. Seriously thrilling to watch. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. He then tell the team his plans to make a the world's largest prison on Devil's Island.

Major Story Arcs

The team seems to be on his side but later that night Jeannette sneaks out and frees Artemis one of Mr. Smyth more problem some prisoners. Half the team defects but Catman Deadshot and Ragdoll while trying to make amends brings Mr. Smyth the unconscious body of Wonder Woman. Symth then show the three the artifact they were earlier transporting was in fact Grendel the devil of Mr.

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When the Amazon that Mr. Smyth was keeping prisoners escape he releases Grendel but when Grendel fails he tries to gas the whole prison. This is when Ragdoll, who changed sides again, beats Smyth with a wrench. Smyth gets away but is tracked down by Deadshot who kills him in the same spot he kill Mina days earlier. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: The physical structure of the carapace gave Alistair bird-like talons for feet; a long, curved blade-like weapon jutting from each shoulder; a pair of smaller, jagged blade weapons on each forearm; and a specially made web-shooter that fires from the forearm area.

Eventually, Spider-Man defeated Alistair and made sure he'd been taken to custody as well as the other asylum inmates who survived the ordeal. During Scarlet Spider 's brief stint as sole web-slinger in town, Smythe still carapaced as the Ultimate Spider-Slayer started a war utilizing a new set of slayers he intended to sell on the black market. These Cyber-Slayers, which could be controlled remotely by turning one's thoughts into the slayers' actions, were initially targeted at Lady Octopus and her crew.

Smythe, no longer in his carapace but with his ability to walk restored by his earlier use of it, found his way outside prison and sought revenge on both Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson for the death of his father. Once Spider-Man caught on to Smythe's trail, he followed it back to the Bugle where Smythe assaulted him with recreated versions of every spider-slayer ever sent after Spider-Man in the past plus a pair of new creations—a miniature model designed to latch onto Spider-Man's face and penetrate his mind through use of radiation and a larger six-armed model arguably stronger than any other created.

While attached to Spider-Man's head, the miniature spider-slayer psionically connected to Spidey's mind, copied thoughts of his loved ones, and broadcast that information to all the other mini-slayers. Smythe gave Spider-Man the choice of either stopping them or preventing the six-armed slayer from destroying Jameson.

Spider-Man eventually shut down all the spider-slayers at the same time, but it was Jameson who beat Smythe to the verge of death with a baseball bat for threatening his family. Smythe made another return in which he used a poisonous spider he made and attacked John Jameson and caused him to end up in the hospital.

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During the " Big Time " storyline, Alistair Smythe returns with a new metallic body armor and is hunting down all of J. Jonah Jameson's friends and families. He decides to seek out Mac Gargan for help, who is currently locked away in jail.

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  • Nobodys Children;
  • At this point, Smythe has amassed a small army of cyborg minions, all of whom want revenge on Jameson. Smythe's actions get Jameson's wife Dr.

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    Marla Jameson killed, as well as seemingly permanently negating Spider-Man's spider-sense when a device Spider-Man designed to overload a link between Smythe's current Slayers also damaged his spider-sense. Jonah Jameson plans to have the death penalty given to Alistair Smythe for what happened to Marla. During the " Spider-Island " storyline, J. Jonah Jameson brings Alistair Smythe from Ryker's Island to demand his help in resolving the spider-flu plague transforming ordinary citizens into Homo Archanis.

    Alistair Smythe laughed at the irony of how Jameson has gained spider powers. At the moment, Jameson transforms and seriously wounds Smythe by biting a chunk out of his neck. Despite his injuries, Alistair Smythe is seen alive and well as a prisoner in the Raft. Jonah Jameson calls in Superior Spider-Man to help oversee the execution of Alistair Smythe so that he would not escape. Since Smythe is unaware of the mindswap and that Otto was not paying attention due to him remembering his time locked up during his final days as Doctor Octopus, Superior Spider-Man brushes him off.

    Mayor Jameson alongside Superior Spider-Man, his assistant Glory Grant, and Bugle reporter Norah Jones watch the procedure of Smythe's execution while he claims to be a "better person". Superior Spider-Man tries to reply that no one would buy that, only to stop himself once he remembers that he just pulled that trick. Just as Smythe's execution begins, a swarm of mini Spider-Slayers attack the place allowing Smythe to move freely.